as a child the darkness was the only thing when i had and now it is still the same after all these years the darkness has prolonged my life and will keep me alive as its host -Yoru Si Hitori

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Name: Yoru Si Hitori (lonely night)

Age: ???

Sex: Male

Species: Darkness Element

  • Race: Darkness Host

Occupation: The host of the elemental avatar of the element of darkness yami


Relationship: Single

Origin: Yoru grew up with being a orphan a homeless one at that he had no friends and was often beaten by the other children or adults because of his grey hair and blue eyes how he died was when he starved to death when he awoke he was in a black void with a tall humanoid handing him a black katana when yoru grabbed it he made a contract with the elemental avatar of darkness yami his hair turned white and his blue eyes blood red also a spark hit him and a word went through his mine....revenge

Appearance:long white hair to his back and pale skin finally a set of blood red monsterous eyes his body is covered in scars going from chest and back to his feet

'Clothing'often he wears whatever his darkness makes him going from black male yukatas to black tanks black jeans and about anything his personal favorite is a black shirt with a tailcoat on it a black jacket with a large collar and cape kind of bottom and finally black jean like pants and a custom set of shoes

Personality his personality is a odd one he has no true personality only what suits the time and spot the most he uses is a kind older brother type which can go to nemesis with men and loving to women however in battle he becomes sadistic and blood thirsty the only thing on his mind when hes in a blood lust or fighting...kill

# Techniques range Description

 Kuroi sentan

("black tip")


darkness wraps around the tip of the weapon to double the damage that will be delt to the opponet.


Kurai hakushu

("dark clap")

far at the palms of his hands are two black music notes when they are hit together or clapped they release a powerful pressure to knock things back

Kuro tenohira

("black palm")

close at the palms of his hands form a black metal he uses this attack as a palm strike to either break objects or to deliver a knockdown blow


("dark flash")

(none) he bursts into darkness and forms in the spots of darkness or shadows and of that only mostly used as a get away

Kage taihō

("shadow cannon")

far this attack forms a old time cannon on his body or palm (body for a larger but longer attack palm for quick and short) and he fires condenced darkness at the enemy or object


("black magic")

summon this is a spell used by humans to summon the undead or to unleash a blast of dark energy

Ansatsu suru


close another move that is like dark flash he appears in his opponets shadow with a knife and will attempt to stab them



far he summons a dark golem or shadow figure humanoid to attack the enemy (dark golem is a harder version to fight shadow figure is alot easier)



summon summoning the undead and reanimating them with darkness to attack or defend

Kuro supaiku

("black spike")

far forming black spikes out of dark patches to try to pierce,stab or to create a platform with


("black serpant")

summon creating a large black serpant with blade scales to attack or defend the serpant is about the size of a human male

Kuraku bīmu

("darken beam")

far firing a large beam of darkness which is unstable requiring me to hold my stance or it could turn and explode


("quick blade")

close using his katana he delivers quick blows to the object or enemy the attacks are weaker since they are randomly delt

Kurayami āmu

("darkness arm")

close forming a large arm next to his when charged up it can have up to three smaller versions behind it doing a horizontal slash

O no u~isupu wa ishi

("will o wisp")

far creating black flames around himself or an object once the will o wisp touches somethign it will put the entire object or being on black fire



 (none) a black plated shield forms infront of him or an object he wants 


("black blade")

close the weapon he is using will turn into a sword darkness will wrap around the blade and will cause one large attack once striking an object

Kurayami no haka

("graves of the dark")

summon using darkness to create large graves this is a two part attack that involves summoning

Sukeruton Kyojin

("skeleton giant")

summon the second part of number 18 the graves go into the ground and how many graves which are created come giant skeletons thats power is increased for every fallen undead

Idaina Kyojin no ken

("great giant sword")

close far the katana tripples in size,weight and length becoming as long as a full grown pine tree

Tenbatsu no pitto

("pits of damnation")

far using darkness to create a giant pit around the battlefield that seems endless resulting in even myself falling in it

Tenbatsu no pitto

("pits of damnation)

far Slides one's arms under the opponent's armpits, grabbing the wrists afterward and twisting them, immediately locking the joints. Locks one foot behind the opposite leg and ankle, applying pressure and then releasing it to numb the muscles to completely immobilize the enemy after a few short seconds. Complete immobilization and disarming technique.

Gara suto

("hilt strike")

close using the butt of the weapon to deliver massive ammount of power blows used mostly for eletric weaponry

Yami no abatā o mezame saseru

("awaken darkness avatar")

final strike yami awakens turning yorus skin pure black his long white hair pitch black and his eyes dull red dressed in a long black robe having six arms each holding a black katana the entire battlefield is black same with the sky a eternal nothingness making all his attacks able to be used even on the brightest days

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