Name: Victor Rouge ShawEdit

History: Victor life shouldn't been perfect but His life was ruined by something he fears. Victor Demon Loves to harm the People that Victor Loves or Hates the Most. Victor never fall in love with someone never at all. But If he does fall in love his Demon will take over and Make them Not stop Loving him. His Demon is Much Bigger and Entering other minds, going to mess with them. Victor will never Meant to love with anyone he loves. But Victor Has some powers to kill his demon and People mortals. Victor Parents were so Dumb that He would Never fall in love with a Girl their own son will never love. Victor is the wrath of the Gods and He will try to anger them so much that Zeus the god of the sky Will Punished him by force. If Victor Contract was burned Everyone will Target him until He's dead. Victor became furious about the Demon he Got inside of him. Victor never meant to love anyone and His name is forgotten after he's dead.


Victor Personality is pretty Cold Hearted and Can Break someone heart badly. Victor Couldn't be kind because his demon wants to Kill the people who loves him.

Weapons and MagicEdit

Victor uses to kill the people are guns and His Favorite is Mamba Pistol 9x19mm, L96A1 Sniper Rifle, Desert Eagle pistol, Ancient sword


Victors Power is quite powerful and his very masterful of the sword and Killing them. Victor has no weakness so then. Victor Usually uses his right hand to Kill with his sword and Killing them very hard. When He uses his full power, Victor goes very strong and Fasten speed of light. Victor will leave his Victims Alive or Dead watching it.


Victor Transformation is a very large demon or can be Wolf. He has never able to control his demon and his wolf is already fully Controlled. Victor Right Hand tattoo can control it but love can beat the Demon.

Demon Form