Tokiwa Tachi

Nickname: N/A

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Species: Humanoid

  • Race: Human / Wolf-Inu (Ookami)

Occupation: Stalker (A very high-ranking assassin that has furthered developed their abilities by inventing or refining their own fighting style--weaponry and/or martial arts. Stalkers are skilled in, but not limited to marksmanship, various weapons and martial arts, assassination techniques, and the magical arts. Currently, there is only one other Stalker-class assassin, Tsurugi Hibiki.)

Organization: N/A (Interested in temporary-only affiliations.)

Current Bounty: Dead or Alive: 64,550,000,000 Qarr.

  • Offense(s): The murder of nine government officials in South Cimaron, military terrorism, and theft.
  • Turn-in: Any military facility in South Cimaron. Reward given by Ma-ga Ookami chieftain.

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship: [??]

Theme Music-

  • Character: Boku-Tachi no yuke By Hitomi Takahashi.
  • Battle: Aozora No namida by Hitomi Takahashi.

Akasha (Origin):

(起源 - Kigen

The starting point of all humanoid beings. The orientation of one’s existence. That which directs one’s actions throughout his/her life. A driving force that has streamed off from its Source and has taken material form. From the moment that they have come into the world, all humanoids match their actions to be in harmony to the driving force that had originated them. More than a conscious decision, it falls more along the lines of an inherent compulsion. It is better said to be a person's instinct. Some even call it a "symbolic reflection of oneself." However, once one is wary of their Akasha it becomes possible, though very difficult, to stray away from whatever fate it has lain upon a certain individual. Once conquered though, it can be mastered in many ways.)

Appearance: Tachi is calm and cool. Her skin tone is pale. She doesn't talk much, nor do her expressions change. She normally has the same blank look in her eyes that seem cold and dead. She has silver white hair that is short. She is also drawn to sweet and cute things.

Clothing: Tachi Wears Gothic Lolita Clothes and Sometimes wears Boys Clothes. her Family is very Strict about women Being Polite and Acting like women. But that is Why Tachi Hardly Visits. She Likes to wear what she wants when she wants to.

Tachi in her Family's Clotheing

Build: Average; athletic

Skin Color: Soft pale

Hair Style & Color: Neat, shoulder length silver hair

Height: 169 cm (~ 5'6" )

Weight: 48 kg (~ 105 lbs. )

Personality: She doesn't say much, but she is very calm and cool. When it comes to sweets and cute things, she acts like a child. She sings every now and then. She is usually found on the top of a building, beach, bar, or restauraunt. She'll also be in other places under cover or doing work.

Family (Chatango)-


Fighting Style: 神鳴流 Shinmei ("Gods' Cry") - Shinmei is a style primarily based on swords, katana in particular. There is no particular method of sword-wielding, being so diverse as to include dual-wielding and nodachis. However, all practitioners are expected to be adept at unarmed combat, and generally other weapons beside the sword such as pole weapons, knives, or making deadly use of mundane objects. Though being a physical combat style, its concept and power is related to Magecraft and magus, drawing its energy for techniques from prana. However, only physically capable magus are able to study and master this style. Currently, the only practioners are its founder, Tsurugi Hibiki, her adopted daughter, Tsurugi Hina, and Tachi Tokiwa.

Shinmei use three types of sword stances to focus their prana into a weapon. Each stance executes certain techniques and must be cycled constantly.

  • 奥義 Ougi "Ultimate Technique" (Offensive)
  • 決戦 Kessen "Decisive Battle" (Finisher)
  • 秘剣 Hiken "Hidden Sword" (Swift/Subtle)

These techniques are never limited to one weapon.
# Techniques Stances Description

白楼剣 Hakurouken

("White Tower Sword")


Infuses prana into the sword to become denser and strike with heavier blows. Able to cut through iron armor with ease. Technique is named after Hibiki's wakizashi-seibetsu.



??? ???

厄払い Yakuharai


Ougi Infuses od prana into the sword and releases in a mist of red energy at a swing, dissolving or weakening and minor/medium magical attacks. It is also quite effective as an attack against magical or spiritual bodies.


??? ???

弱斬空閃 Jakuzankūsen

("Lesser Air-Cutting Flash")

Ougi Infuses wind element into the sword to release a powerful gust to attempt to blow the enemy away. Causes minor damage when used normally and its purpose lies more along the lines of a taunting, aggravation, or warning technique.

斬空閃 Zankūsen

("Air-Cutting Flash")

Ougi Infuses wind. element into the sword to release a blast of air that cuts an enemy in short proximity of the Shinmei. Causes some considerable damage to a single target, compared to its lesser relative.

竜破斬 Ryūhazan

("Dragon-Breaking Slash")

Ougi A powerful downwards slash infused with large amounts of prana. Aims at one of seven vital areas, including the spine with all the Shinmei's strength. Very effective against larger animals, especially the Feral (regular animals) and the Beast-Dragon tribes of Khrennikov.


??? ???

竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou

("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter")

Hiken Infuses prana into the hands and sword to make it two times lighter and allow faster swinging. Also increases weapon damage and martial arts damage output from the sheer speed of the blows. Also called the "booster technique," it is required as a preresiquite for all Hiken attack techniques.

斬魔剣 Zanmasen

("Evil-Cutting Flash)

Hiken Used with 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter"). Infusing the blade with prana, the Shinmei dashes right at an incoming medium-grade spell, deflecting it back with even more force from the sheer speed of the blow or destroying it altogether.

五月雨斬り Samidarekiri

("May Rain Cutter")

Hiken Used with 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter"), the Shinmei traces a circle quickly with the sword to unleash blades of wind onto enemies in every direction. Effective against aerial enemies. During tracing process, the Shinmei is guarded by a veil of condensed air, shielding them from regular attacks.

飛燕抜刀霞斬り Hien Battō Kasumi-kiri

("Sparrow Sword-Draw Mist Cutter")

Hiken Used with 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter"). It is a blindingly quick jump high into the air with the blade held horizontally upwards with both hands. Even if the blade makes contact with the enemy, at full descent (travel), the Shinmei grasps the blade with both hands and swings down at the enemy with full strength.

百烈桜華斬 Hyakuretsuoukazan

("Hundred-Strike Cherry Blossom Slash")

Hiken Used with 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter"), it takes full advantage of the booster technique and cuts the enemy one hundred times with extreme speed, however, this technique is extremely inaccurate and will randomly attack points on their body, not necessarily being vital. Effective against close-range enemies in a line.


??? ???

幽幻乱舞 Yuugen Kanbu

("Phantom's Boisterous Dance")

Hiken The Shinmei infuses prana onto one's feet, increasing their running speed by two times while on the ground. Martial arts damage output is increased from the sheer speed of attacks. The Shinmei is also able to travel across bodies of water as long as they continue to run at a steady pace. Similar to Hiken's 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter")... except used on the feet.

風塵乱舞 Fūjinranbu

("Chaotic Dance of Dust and Wind")

Hiken The Shinmei infuses prana onto one's legs, allowing less limited actions while in midair due to the momentum generated from one's body. Jumping ability is increased by two times, and less limited actions allows easier aerial martial arts combat. Similar to Hiken's 竹取飛翔 Taketori Hishou ("Flight of the Bamboo Cutter")... except used on the feet.


??? ???


??? ???

弱桜散華 Jaku Sakura Sanka

("Lesser Falling Cherry Blossoms")

Torikumu Grabs onto the opponent's shoulder with great force and kicks the back of the legs, causing the opponent to either stagger or fall into a overhead throw onto the ground, where they are often apprehended as well. Quick grappling and apprehension technique.


??? ???

旋一閃 Tsumuji Issen

("Spiral Flash")

Torikumu Used while in midair. Grabs onto either side of the opponent's head with both legs, then flips backwards to throw the opponent into an overhead spin onto the ground. "Clipped wings," aerial takedown technique.


??? ???

桜楼月華 Ōrō Gekka

("Cherry Blossom Tower, Moon Flower")

Shou By focusing prana into the middle of the palms, one can emit it into a prana-based strike, or expel the energy out in a single, powerful attack with short-medium range. Standard palm technique.


??? ???

Other Combat Styles:

Magical Arts: Standard Magecraft [Thaumaturgy] (The foundamental basis is to convert prana within one's body to transform the external world. This is an "interference" with nature by bending and changing the elements at the user's whim. It is much like Black Magic in terms of spell construction and uses the same system of elemental affinity. Hibiki is an expert focused in Thaumaturgy, but possess standard skills to the rest of the branches of Magecraft--Alchemy, Alkahestry, Astronomy, and Numerology. Read full details here)

(Optional) Sorcery-

  • 等価交換 - Toukakoukan: The primary rule of Thaumaturgy is Equivalent Exchange. In order to create something, another object must be given as a price. It may also involve modification to an existing object. The base of all Thaumaturgy is the use of prana to produce something that either already exists or can exist. That which falls into the phantasm category, something made out entirely of images and might even not exist naturally anymore, will be eventually wiped out by the world for being in conflict with this rule. Alkahestry is a branch of Thaumaturgy, similar in concepts to Alchemy, that specializes in keeping phantasm in the plane of existence.

Spell Trigger: ''She claps her Hands together as it Causes a Ringing Sound As her Right Eye Truns black with a Design in the middle.''

This is Tachi During her Spell Trigger (Note: the Arm has Nothing to do with it.)

Soul Shards (Tamashi no Hahen):


  1. Flexibility: Being Part wolf, Tachi Can Move as Swift and Quitely as she wants
  2. NightCrawler: Tachi is Able to See as Night Kill her Pray Easily.
  3. The Moon: Being a Wolf a full moon can Give Tachi a Maxium Amount of power.
  4. Analzing: Tachi Can Sense Her ememies Moves, Thoughts and Actions Will be.
  5. Snake: Tachi can Confuse her Enemies into think shes one place then Quickly move to the other with them noticing.


Born March 23 1996 Tokiwa Tachi a Half Bred Wolf-inu and Human. Her Mother being a full Ookamimimi Was Murdered when Tachi was only 3 Months. Her mother was a Healer and a Priest in the Ookami Region. Ever since birth Tachi has been able to use Alchemy. Her father was a State Alchemist. So she posiblely Got it From him. Her father was only a human. when my mother died he Remarried a Human. But Tachi has three older sisters. The two oldest Miku and Miki Both Twins Are Ookami's. While Tachi and Senna are Only Half Ookami.


When her older sisters Miki and Miku truned 16 they both became assassin and left home.


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