Paradox the Lord President

Paradox on Daemos inside the Reality Lock

Paradox is an impossible entity, created before creation. Paradox's very being actually ruptures reality as his exsistance should have never been. He was created as a result of a miniscule change in the universe where both versions of Tariel actually were killed and consumed by an Elder God, hence breaking the cycle of Multiversal rebirths. The Elder God changed into Paradox and with almost infinite power, recreated the Multiverse in his image rather than the predestined Final Battle. He ruled the Multiverse in an era that never was as Light and Dark Tariel was somehow reborn in his Multiverse and got powerful enough to defeat Paradox and revert the cycle so everything Paradox did never happened, however Paradox was so power that he foresaw that Light Tariel an Dark Tariel would fight in the future and create the Multiverse through there memories and imaginations so he implanted his essence inside of them allowing him to have a link within the newly created Multiverse even though they would make it that he never exsisted. The only ones who remember this being is the Creator God of the current Multiverse generations. However knowing what Paradox did, he imprisoned the idea of him within the Reality Lock and hence became its first use.

Paradox is a class Creator-God villain and is possibly the most powerful entity to exsist apart from the Creator God himself.