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Miyuki Luna
Miyuki luna is a very special girl.
Though she does work at her job miyu cafe (owner and maid), she has a secret. Miyuki is a goddess, daughter of life, death, and magic. She is a red laced assassin and has been one for 3 years now. Miyuki's eyes are only contacts, because her real eyes are something dangerous, and painful to look at, because of the pain and suffering they will bring. She has white hair that symbolizes Death, and her eyes symbolizing Life and Magic (her eyes are two different colors). Miyuki wears a mask, she appears to be a happy, cheerful, clumsy, silly, active girl but those are not her true colors. Her true colors are cruel, scary, heartless, non-loving, non-caring, deadly, dangerous and more. she tries very hard to hold back on occasians, and she has her moments when she snaps and is a bad-mouthed angered girl. Other than those things, she is a very unique girl who loves and treasures her friends and family.
Miyuki is skilled, she looks easy, but she is not. becareful what you do to her.