Name: Lei Mei

Nickname: Lunatic Performer

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Occupation: Assassin also Leader of the Fatal Femininity Clan

Species: Human, Demon

Orientation: Straight

Relationship: Single

Clan: Fatal Femininity

Personality: Li is a gentle woman at time she can pass as if she were a lunatic she is often taken lightly by other wich leads them to her downfall she is a quiet woman most of the time she never actually cares for another until she gets to know them better she can be cruel at time she would leave her wounded opponets there to suffer in pain watching as they would die slowly she is usually only cruel to the ones that hurt her or one of her own she is never seen looking dirty thinking that is a disgrace to woman every where which angers her she wants woman to be graceful and beautiful but also deadly even fatal she believes woman are just as strong as men or even surpass them

Build: Slender Athletic

Skin Color: Light Skinned Tan

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120-133

Description: Li is a slender woman but very athletic for her occupation she wears black leather gloves that almost reach to her shoulders,also black boots,she wears her red hera in a pony tail her hair is so long it seem regular which she takes pride in her beautiful red hair, she also wears a female comabat one piece with shreds that sway with the breeze as if it were a torn dress


Style: she uses assassin like movement and fighting she has also master-ed Judo, and Tae Kwon Do

Abilities: she is able to control Time itself it is no illusion but she has a limit to what she can control, has Future Sight, Also maipulation over Lightning and Water

Weapon: Katana and Shuriken that have a unique shape







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