sha Name: Anarchy, Lana.

Nickname: Rawr

Age: - Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Humanoid

  • 'Race: 'Sub-Human :

Subhumans are the general race of Shunojiski. They make up the entire realm with their race, and are at most, the greatest and powerful beings that contain the veins of true power within them. Each true Subhuman has a distinct power that comes from inheritance in their family's generation and goes through life without knowing of that power, or what power they could have, until their peak at puberty [roughly 10-13 years old] Once that occurs, the child is now a student at the academy starting as a freshmen, and building up character and precision, to grasp the distinct power of theirs at fold, and use their knowledge wisely to rid the Manor race forever.

Occupation: Leader of Shunojiski // ????

Organization: The Shunojiski, An origination fit for Sub-Humans,Manor,Tenkai,&Nephilim.

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship: N/A

Theme Music-

Appearance: Lana is a pink and violet-haired goth. She is generally more level-headed and intelligent than Her daughter,Miyuki, although she can be just as rude as her Daughter when provoked. Lana has a gluttonous appetite for sweets and doesn't gain weight from consuming "normal" sugary foods, allowing her to eat them to her heart's content. Due to her obsession with sweets, Lana becomes enraged whenever someone tampers with them or calls her overweight. She also does not share her sister's interest in sex, though she occasionally displays masochistic tendencies such as bondage and electrocution.