• Name: Kiko Natalli
  • Race: Neko, Spellcaster
  • Age: 19
  • Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: 92lbs.

Clothing: Kiko wears a white hoodie that has fake dark blue furr lineing like her hair. She wears long white boots laced up the front with blue threads and black thighhighs. She has on black shorts with a thick gray shirt on. She likes to wear gloves in public due to the fragile nature of her body.

Appearence: Kiko is very pale with fragile looking skin. Her eyes are a bright blue and her hair is a very dark blue, close to black. Her long thick tail isnt a fox tail as it appears but actaully a cat tail, the same as her ears which are both the same color as her hair. Although she resembles and has many of the traits of a kitsune she acts and is different in genetics and personality. Her hair reaches down barely past her shoulders. It's very soft and silky to the touch, same as her ears and tail.

Home: Kiko currently lives in a house that was abandoned in the forest many many years ago and forgotten about, she lives there with her sister and mother. She keeps the house in good condition. The house is very large and there are many rooms she has sealed off for storage of her potions and other things she doesn't want touched. Her room along with her sister and mother's room are all located on the top floor. The middle floor is where the kitchen and living room is and the basement is sealed off.


  • Mother: Ryujin
  • Sister: Ari, Yasha
  • Mistress: Emia


  • Brother: Sorawithkeyblade