Name: Hikari Hoshikawa

Hikari Hoshikawa

This is Hikari's usual appearence and how he looks. His expression is almost bored or nothing coming to mind.

Aliases: Hikari-kun, Hoshikawa-kun, Hikari-sama

Age: Unkown

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6

Weight: 170 lbs

Part-Time Job[s]: A cafe owner in France.

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Taken by Vixxanie

OST Themes:

Race: Human/Reaper

Description: Hikari is a calm, bored like person, as he would look in his picture. His skin is a normal light-tannish like color tone, with no rashes or blemishes. His eyes would be almost half closed sometimes, showing how bored and sometimes tired he is because ther eisn't that much excitement in his life. The color of his eyes would be normally black in the day time, but at night, his eyes turn into a gleaming midnight blue when the moon reflects upon his eyes. His left eye is sometimes covered by his own hair, since he barely even cuts it. His eyes usually become a white shaded color whenever he uses his instinct, which his eye lids would be lowered to cover half his eyes.

Not much the excited type most of the time, mostly he would just be on the couch sleeping or just under a tree writing in a journal or read his own manga. He doesn't talk really that much, since he barely talks to anyone at all, or it's just because he doesn't know what to talk about.