Hell is the domain that the evil spirits of mortals go to become corrupted and distorted by the lords of Hell. It is the home of the Demon race and a source of immense magical energy fueled from the dark side of the Sources infinite energy. It can only be accessed through the life-stream or by specific portal constructs. Demons of this dimension seak to pray on mortal weakness and all have a passion of destruction. This domain embodies Chaos, the opposite of its brother dimension, Heaven which represents Order. Though Demons are not all inherantly evil, as some have been shown to be compassionate after rehabilitation, their souls are blacked and corrupted by the Prime Demons, it is said that staying in Hell for too long will leave your soul tortured and maimed to the point that you become incompatable with the life-stream, if killed in hell, the Demon will be destroyed forever, never to be reborn, though Demons killed in any other Dimension with the exception of Heaven and a few others, they will return to Hell to reconstitute.


Hell is the domain created by the Primordials and was the domain of the of Tiamat, the Primordial Evil until the Titans wiped the primordials out leaving only Tiamat, whom has power that eclipses that of the titans and primordials with the exception of 1, Anu, the God of Heaven. The two did battle a battle that shattered planets, so powerful and equal, they destroyed each other. The remains of Anu became the Arch, Tiamat's remains became the first prime demons, though disimbodied for thousands of years, until Lucifer was banished to this plane by his own brother under the commands of the Elder God. He used the spirits of the prime demons to create the demon lords of hell and thus creating the entire Demon race.

The Lords of HellEdit

Image Name Brief Description
Original Tiamat

Lucifer Tiamat

Tiamat Original Demon, Primordial evil

Tiamat was one of the first beings to be created by the Source, he was the contentrated evil of the source and was the one whom gave mortals their first curse, their souls. He created Hell as and was the one to open the reality lock for the first time. He was later defeated at the hands of Anu and his body and soul split into multiple disembodied entities that would become the Prime Demons.

Tiamat was reborn once again when Lucifers plan came to full fruition and used the plan that the Prime Demons were fighting among themselves to complete. Mephistopheles created a device to impison and combine the other Prime Demons, with the help of Amy, only to be betrayed and hence the war of Hell began. Near it's completion Lucifers ancient tomes left a trap which was believed to be the key to finishing the device, instead it was a plan to use the device to open the deepest circle and draw the demonic souls into himself like a black hole. He emerged as the reincarnation of Tiamat, the Ultimate Evil, the rest of the story has yet to be written.

King of Hell
Image Name Brief Description
Fallen Arch Angel Lucifer
Luficer Arch-Angel, creator of Demonkind. Lucifer was an Arch-Angel that defied the Elder God and believed him to be evil. For this he was trapped in the dead dimension known as Hell. During this time he realised the existance of the Prime Demon spirits, through them he believed he could create an army to combat the Elder God's tyrannical rule. Over time however, he began to go mad, Tiamats influence made him lust for power and slowly but surely be became the embodiment of evil. Though ritous at first, his pride and madness got the better of him, he sought to defeat the Elder God to gain its power and access to the source. He created Dark Angels and the Prime Demons to lead the charge, only to be betrayed by the Prime Demons secretly and his Dark Angels chose to break away from his command. He was trapped within hell once again but in a deeper circle that cannot be penetrated by normal means. He is now seen as a religious figure among Hells demons, very few truly believing in his existance except for the Prime Demons.

Prime Demons
Image Name Brief Description
Amy The Lady of Betrayal She is the only female Prime Demon, she is the aspect of betrayal and often delights in mortals betraying each other and prays on the betrayed souls that are delivered to her. She is noted for being a part of the creation of Lilith, who herself is considered a Lesser Prime Demon herself.
First war of heaven
Asmodeus/Abaddon The Lord of Destruction Abaddon was the Lord of Destruction and Carnage, loving nothing but seeing mortals wage war on each other. His creation was unique as he was merged with the soul of an Angel named Asmodeus who fell during one of the many battles in the War for Heaven, taken back to Hell and twisted, he now rules a part of hell with the only goal of the complete destruction of all that exists.
Astaroth The Lord of Hate Astaroth is the lord aspect of Hatred, he prays on mortals dark desires and distaste for other mortals, pitting them against each other and bringing out their darkest emotions. He is noted for being brutish in nature but cunning in his manipulation of human emotions, during battle taunting and bringing out the darkness within us all.
Azazel unconquered wallpaper by luffie-d4tgd0b
Azazel The Lord of Torture He delights in the sorrow and despair of mortals, emotionally and physically, his army is the largest in Hell as he delights in twisting the souls of mortal kind and hence turning them into the blackests husks of their former selves. He flays his enemies often to submission and then to enjoyment, to the point that they want to torture themselves, during battle he will cause agonizing pain to his enemies and laughs and feed of the despair. He is unique among the Demon Primes as he is a Demon Angel, by using an angel to try and recreate the Dark Angel race, there was too much demon put into the body of the Angel, so much so that it was the Prime Demon himself, Azazel.
Baalim The Lord of Domination Baalim is the lord of conquerors, rulers and oppressors. He dictates his will with an iron fist and forces all to bow to him where he can, he delights in forcing mortals to bow to him and worship him, as such he has the most organised army in Hell and is the chieft tactician of the Prime Demons.
Beezlebub The Lord of Greed Beezlebub is often seen as the ruler of Hell himself, not due to his power, but his resources and wealth. He delights in promising mortals riches and power beyond their wildest dreams only have them pay interest, their souls. He makes humans fight among themselves for personal gain all while he gains the most.
Byleth The Lord of Deception Byleth is the aspect of deception, he likes to pretend that he is on your side and lure you into a false sense of security , hiding behind illusions and facades. He is the lord of the labyrinthian, with his delight in decieving mortals, he places traps and schemes to consume their souls in his domain
Mephistopheles The Lord of Temptation Mephistopheles was once a mage with a thirst for knowledge, he was known as one of the greatest mages of his era, but he wanted more. He delved into the Demonic arcane and was killed, but this did not stop his mad ambition, he was fused with the soul of the Prime Demon during his transformation and became the last of the Prime Demons to be created. He delights in the seeking of knowledge and secrets, he also delights in the needs and temptation of mortals , though often associated with lust, his ambition goes far deeper. This Prime Demon is not to be underestimated, he is considered the smartest Prime Demon.

Alpha Demons
Image Name Brief Description
Lilith The Lesser Prime, The Defiant, Hells Champion Lilith was one of the first mortals to set foot into the sun. Born a peasant, she was taken in by the Paladins order after her town was attacked by the Undead. In the Paladin order she was but a servant as females at that time were not considered to be fit enough to become a Paladin. She slowly fell in love with a Paladin named Adam, but for a Paladin, love is forbidden, so once the truth was revealed that she and Adam were in a relationship, Adam was given the choice to either protect her and be damned to hell, claiming she was a sin of flesh, or kill her and become a Paladin Crusader. Lilith believed that Adam was a righteous man who wouldn't do such a thing, but she was wrong, Adam was fanatical about his fear of Hell and being unworthy of a Divines blessing and so he killed Lilith without a second thought. Lilith awoke in Hell itself, then a barren wasteland, she wandered there for years thinking about how she was wronged, cursing God and Man alike. Eventually she became Lilith, the story of how is hazy but it is implied that Amy was the one to summon the Undead to her town to bread a hatred and sense of betrayal so strong to make her the General of her forces. Lilith as a Demon went mad with hatred of Men and Angels, at first she wanted a noble quest to bring down the tyranny of Heaven but nobody is immune to the maddening and agonizing metal torture that Hell is, she became insane and chooses the form of a little girl to fool her opponents and destroy them, after toying with them of course. She is arguably the strongest non Prime Demon in all of Hell and has lead the forces of Hell singlehandedly when the Prime Demons were otherwise occupied or incapacitated.
Purson The Knowledge Keeper, The Visionary, The True King of Hell Puson is a fairly unique Demon, he unlike his brother and sister Demons, often does things seen as good and noble, it is claimed that his wisdom and visionary ideals keep him sane in such a maddening place, but how long will this last? His Demon-degradation is minimal, retaining his mortal form almost entirely. He is a wise Demon who leads and guides people on their paths. Whilst most Demons find his actions questionable, nobody denies his power, he is a master at combat and has lead and been in the most successful battles and Legions of Hell, climbing the ranks and gaining respect. It is a mystery why he fights for the side of Hell in the Eternal War, some say it is that he knows what the Elder God really is and is disgusted by it, reminicent of Lucifers original disposition.
Paimon The Loyal, The Oathkeeper, The Conjurer Not much is known about Paimon, he/she is Lucifers highest associate. Paimons gender is unknown though there are strong hints that Paimon is a female, pretending to be a male in order to gain the respect of the old traditionalist humans of the past. Paimons secrecy runs deep and she often sends riders to deal with matters like summoning deals. Paimon is said to have knowledge of all that goes on in Hell and gives this information to people willingly if they can pay a price, though Paimon's secrecy and omnipresent understanding of Hell is highly valued, She is loyal of Lucifer and all that she says can be either truth or lies that help Lucifers ambitions. One thing is certain about Paimon,  whatever form Paimon takes, she will always keep you guessing at the motivations and has helped people against Hell in the past whilst also ensuring damnation for others. Paimons specialty is summoning of Demons, ergo giving the abilities to summon Demons to mortals that request it, she does this by tagging demons in Hell either willingly or unwillingly  and creates a conduit from which they are drawn to, it is said that she even was able to tag the Prime Demons in her time, the only one she is said to not be tagged is Paimon herself, instead choosing to tag one of her mounted riders, thus the misconception that Paimon is a Camel Riding man has arisen. 
Black knight
Archon The Iron Mountain, The Black March, The King of Mayhem Archon was a former Human of the Demonic cult of Chaosica, he died after fighting a legion Paladins for 7 days by himself. His armour was magically embued to his body and his resilience was so impressive that even the Paladins adopted the teaching of being one with your armour in some sects. What was scarier though was his mortal stengh and his brutal rampage, he would go from town to town, decimating and slaughtering them, he became such a problem that all the houses of Paladins joined together to kill him, it was called the Fouth Crusade but because it was only against one person, it was called the Crusade of Iron Mountain.This avatar of destruction met his end to this crusade and found himself in Hell, where he quickly made a name for himself, he acted like nothing had changed and went from demonic stronghold to stronghold, slaughtering, he was stopped by Baalim and offered him a deal that he would give him armies to slaughter if he served him as his vanguard, he agreed. Paimon slapped a Summoner tag on him and tricks humans into summoning him, doing so is to fully accept that he will kill your enemies but is also likely to kill your allies and even you in the process.
Arachne The Spider Queen, The Dark Mistress, Queen of Succubi. Arachne is a Demon queen whom does not actually live in Hell, she was one of the first to travel to the human world during the first demonic invasion by the Underlords, led by the Horned Reaper. She is a manipulator whom uses pherimones and sexuality to get what she wants, she then uses this to catch her prey and feed them to her young. Her domain is deep within the world and she has spider spies all over the planet, She trains Succubi, it is thought that most succubi summoned are from her personal legion, she uses her succubi to lure people into dark forests and to be taken to her lair and used to feed her young. She is considered one of the most influencial demons on the planet.
Chiron The Seeker, The Wanderer, The Iron Steed. Chiron used to be a Demi God Centaur whom protected children and often wandered the forests helping lost children find their way home. The story about how he ended up a Demon is a tragic one, a king and queen asked the mighty centaur to find their daughter, she was on her way by chariot passing through the woods and never left. Chiron left to find this child and could not find a trace except a Succubi trying to leave through a Demonic portan, after subduing and interrogating the Succbi, she laughed sadistically that the young princess has already left for Hell. As an honorable warrior, he claimed he was gladly search through the crevices of Hell for the child and forced the Succubi to make a deal that sends him to hell. He searched Hell and fought many Demons but none could best him and for 5,000 years he searched. Unfortunatly his time in Hell changed him, his visage became more demonic and his mercy had deminished, he would run down every demon in sight, even if they were not hostile, still searching for the Princess, his insanity and fury stampedes through Hell leaving a firey trail.
Ecila The insane, of Wonderland, The Mad Ecila is one of the most mysterious Demons in all of creation, she would often give mixed stories of her origin, some being so convoluted and random with any paradoxes in them. It seems as if she believed every word she says however, that and the fact she loves to trap her victims in dreams and make them go insane dubbed her the title of the Insane Demon of Hell (and considering that all Demons are in a way insane, this is a feat).
Iblis The Dark Djin, The Hungry Void, The Shadowlord Iblis was once a Djinn that served masters for generations, giving them 3 wishes. However he was given so many wishes that were dark in nature that it slowly began to change him. He was one of the few Djinns to be used every 5 years for wishes and is one of the most influencial Djinns in history as the wishes that were commited through him have changed the outcome of the timeline in many drastic ways. After being used so much his power began to dim and his hunger for his power began. Ecila the insane stole his container and Wished him to be a Demon and hence free from his obligations as a Djinn, freeing him to roam the universe consuming all that the wishes commited through him has created, due to the large scale of his many wishes, it is theorized that he will eventually aim to consume the entire cosmos.
Preta The Swarm, The Hive, The Infestation Preta and Iblis share a common goal; to consume everything. However Iblis is actually a Legion of demons were once a part of a world called Preta, it was considered a threat to galactic stability by the Dark Angels and destroyed due to the vicious predator swarm of bugs known as the Gaki. In death however, these creatures were considered valuable to some of the Demon lords and through an intense manipulation of the lifestream, they were brought to hell and transformed into demons. The swarm was too wild to control however and so they nominated a Demon known as Yedak to consume the swarm into his iron stomach, eventually the Swarm infested his mind and he now serves them as a mobile catalyst that wishes to expand the swarm back to the universe.
Cain the First
Cain Unleashed
Cain The First, The Marked, The Murder

Cain was the proclaimed first Demon of Hell, once a farmer, he was forced to kill his brother in cold blood as he was contacting an an entitiy only known as Paradox. This Entity wished to remake the universe and destroy all life as it is and promised Cains brother unlimited power. Cain tried to convince his brother to stop his madness, however he would not listen and began to force Paradox into the universe. He grabbed the blade that his brother used to open the porta and stabbed his brother, closing the portal, when he killed his brother, Paradox marked him and killed him, The mark made him nearly invincible and gave him a lust to kill constantly, however the true purpose of the mark is still unknown to all other than Cain. He was forever blamed for being the first murderer and the killer of his own brother in jelousy. When he died his soul ended up in the Hell Dimension, at the time was a barren wasteland prior to the creation of the Prime Demons. The souls Tiamat tried to possess him but he slayed them constantly with his blade and for centuries till Lucifer established the current system of Hell. He requested Cain to be his chief assassin, understanding the true story of Cain, claiming that he will lead the revolution and end his bad reputaiton and save his brothers from the Elder God. He accepted and trained most of the Alpha Demons himself, his top pupil being Lilith. After an almost endless reign of bloodshed, he vanished, killing the majoriy of the Alpha Demons before he left, taking his legendary blade and the power of the mark wtih him. It is rumored he is over his obsession with killing, mastering the mark and finally settled down on Earth as a Farmer according to Paimon, However if Cain does not want to be found, he will not be, he is without a doubt the most powerful Demon of Hell.


King Soloman, The Binder, Lord of Chains

Solomon was a mad king that delved into Demonology and wanted the power to control his kingdom absolutely, with the help of Paimon, he created a seal that would bind every demon to the contract seal known as "The Seal of Solomon". Paimon uses this seal whe tagging all the Demons of hell. Solomon however became so mad with power that once his deam was realized, he wished to tag Lucifer himself, though not a demon, his contant exposure to the demonic landscape made him vulnerable to the seal even just a little bit. He needed alot of sacrifices for this to work however, so he summoned Demons all across the world and created the first demon portal and started the first Demon invasion of Earth. His dreams were dashed sadly as a hero known as  Rehab, his own son, struck him down, but upon his death, Solomons immersion in Demonology became clear as the very gates of hell opened to drag him down and as he was dragged to hell itself, he cursed his son to suffere the same fate. He now resides as a mad king of created a lifeless puppet army to defend his squaller in Hell, he still makes dealings with Paimon for an unknown reason. 
To be Done Dante The Holy man, The Crusader, The Paladin, The Inferno Dante was a Paladin Crusader during the first demon invasion, he was a man of faith and love, but when called upon to fight, he was exempt for all the sins he would commit to destroy the Demon, Heritic and Hethen threat. Though devout at first, he fell to murder, cheating and when commanded to commit horrible deeds when commanded. He was considered a hero when in truth he had done things he would attone for. He returned a hero to his home, but upon opening the door, he finds his family slaughtered with signs of Solomon's ritual to create the ultimate seal to control Lucifer. Upon exiting the house, he was killed by Ecila from behind. Though at the time he did not know this, all he remembered was waking up in hell. He now hunts Solomon, however upon being stabbed by Ecila's blade, he was turned half demon, it is unknown why Ecila did this, however now Dante's goal is to now kill Solomon, making his way through the circles of hell, forever.