Heaven is the domain of the majority Seraphim, notably Angels whome are the ruling uniformed race of the dimension. It a place of light and virtue in mortal eyes, though it's appearance is different to all whom behold it to match their ideal world. The Angel side of heaven is much more linear however,  They live in pearl spires and golden architecture of grand design and and live in a never ending dawn. never with bad weather and always soothing and calm to reflect the nature upon which the realm is founded. It is said to continue to infinity like Hell, however unlike Hell, those who enter into this realm will always be faced with the mighty High Gates that have stood since the dawn of the realms existance, i protects the realm entirely and no force has yet seen it brought down. Also unlike Hell, the realm is very selective on whom can enter it, not everybody can open a portal to this domain, it is a place of order and control. The only way for Demons to meet against the High Gates is to pass through Purgatory, after doing so, they can enter at the thinnest point of the rift and again be met infront of the Gates, any attempt to leave the High Gates platform will be met with the being in question pulled back to the platform with such force that they cannot escape unless wilfully leaving Heaven itself. This makes Heaven one of the safest and most secure domains in existance by design, with a nearly unbreakable gate and the protection from flying over it. Though Demons barely make it this far as Purgatory is mostly controlled by Angels , though not all, it is the eternal battle grounds in which no side can truly win, Angels with their tactical superiority and Demons with their sheer number. In the center of Heaven is it's most powerful and prominant feature, the Arch, said to be the remains of the Father Titan Anu. The Arch forms a gateway to the Source which is the center of Magic and Life in the Universe, from this Angels are born under the role of a certain aspect of creation, Though after the civil war, the Arch has been closed for all time and now Angels must reproduce naturally, which at the time was considered a equal to a crime, though some Angels such as Angelus was forgiven as she was a Council Member herself.

Heaven is controlled in large part by the Arch-Council, They reside near the center and are handpicked by Heavens ruling force at the time, Michael, however after the civil war it became a vote on whom should join. Pre-civil war, Angels that were selected needed to already be an Arch-Angel which is the highest form of Angel in terms of power as they were "perfect" being made from the Arch, however angels worthy enough to gain Michaels attention were sometimes elevated to the role of Archangel through a ritual with the Arch itself. During the pre-civil war, the council needed to swear unending loyalty to the Elder God, whom at the time all in Heaven believed was just referred to as God, the creator of all universes. However, after the populus became aware of what they were worshipping, the Council elevated themselves to Cosmic Angels (Willing or not) , via the powers of the Elder God in order to keep control, this lead to a civil war lead by Zerachiel.


The Domain is actually a byproduct of the source, it created a layer around itself that was infinite and filled with light and life. It was only when the Titans used this area as a base of opperations to attack the Primordials that resided in Purgatory that it began to take shape. The gates and walls were created by them as a garrison and used this area to protect the lifestream so that the primordials do not intefere with it and consume the magic and "souls" that began to form from the source. During the climax of this war, the Titan Anu fought the Primordial God known as Tiamat in Purgatory, the battle was so climatic that both beings fell that day, Anu was taken back to Heaven and Tiamat's remains became Hell itself, the souls becoming the Prime Demons. Anu however was taken to the heart of the dimension where the source was strongest by his Titan brethern to heal, however it was too late, Anu refused them to take their own lives to give him lifeforce and made his body into a gateway for all whom wish to bathe in light. He became the Arch, the link between the Universe and the Source, magic was unleashed onto the world and the mortal races were forever bound by souls, which allowed them to weild magic. Though this was a double edged sword, souls were not needed for mortal races before, now that souls have became a part of their being, souls which can be manipulated and tortured for eternity if in the wrong hands. As such, the Source began to create the first Angels, whom were tasked with the protection of souls and bringers of Order, however early on, the Elder God began latch onto the Source itself, feeding from the souls of the dead. To cover up it's deception, it proclaimed itself God to the few Angels that were first born, making each Angel swear loyalty to it. The Angels could not see this force at it exists in the same dimension as the Source and no-one can percieve the source, a voice of wisdom in a new world was what it seemed to them and they followed blindly, pledging their souls to it's orders. Hence the Arch-Council was born.

Notable AngelsEdit

Image Name Brief Description
Anu Original Host, High King, The God Titan

Anu was the firstborn of the Titans, created by an unkown force. Only he was said to have known what brought Titans into the universe as one of the first beings. He shined the brightest out of all his bretheren and channeled the power of the source through himself like no other being has ever achieved. However he and his race fought an equally powerful force, the Primordials, beings of pure chaos, derived from the darkest corruption that infested the universe at its inception. Though the Primordials were physically stronger, the Titans had order, through a careful work of effort, they met the Primordials in battle, overcame the random and chaotic nature of the beings and drove them back into Purgatory and set up a battlefront Titan enclave which later became Heaven itself. From there Anu lead the charge and killed all but one Primordial, Tiamat. Tiamat was a supreme force that was seen as the ultimate incarnation of the Primordials, eclipsing them in power. In being so close to the source, Anu felt surges of power never thought possible and waged a war against the last Primordial. Through this war, the Titans were able to shape the Universe whilst Anu held back the threat of Chaos. 7 Titan days had past, though to a mortal, 7 Titan days is 7 million years as Titans view eternity in a much grander scale. Tiamat and Anu fought to a standstill once again, but determined to end it, Anu weakened the veil, called upon the Source and in a might strike, ended Tiamat. However, Tiamat was not one to stay dead for long, Tiamat began to regenerate. Anu understood what he had to do, he had to use all of his force to spit the monsters essence from it's body and trap it. Doing so cost him the last of his strength and he shortly died after accepting his new role and his body and essence became the Arch.

Arch Angels.
Image Name Brief Description
Michael Angel of Light

The lord of angels himself, Michael commanded the most respect of all angels, He was the leader and founder of the Arch-Council and was one of the few and first pure Arch-born Angels alongside his brothers Lucifer, Raphael and Dumah. He was given the most powerful weapon in all of creation by the Titan Watcher known as Anak the son of Anu, a weapon used to destroy the Primordials that before this weapon, did not know death. The Sword was used to forge a path for angelkind in the darkness and the remnants of the primordials alongside the Titans. However his sanity was never questioned, from inception he heard whispers from a voice that claimed it was a God, ignoring it for duties sake it was Gadreel that later began hearing the voices. Gadreel told everyone about the voices and Michael was familiar with them, hence defending Gadreels point and the worship of this God began, only when Gadreel began to reject this diety did Michael hear them again. From then he obeyed the voices and with each act done under its command, it would bestow him with power, he instigated the imprisonment of Gadreel, the banishment of Lucifer and the execution of the Titan purge where he amassed a force to wipe out the Titans entirely after the Dark Titan ravaged the cosmos, using his example to jusify the Titans as a threat.

Eversince he has ruled Heaven with his council and appointing Arch-born or bestowed members with the gifts he recieved, defending Heaven from the Demonspawn that Lucifer brought back with him and instigating many of the major events in the universe such as the Heavenly wars against the Dark Angels and the biological warfare against them, the progenitor of the Vampires as a product of the biological agent that was infesting the Dark Angels, the execution of house Angelus and the associates (Tariels Parents), The enslavement of the many other Seraph and Celestial races, the destruction of countless worlds and civilizations that can stand as a threat to the Elder God (mostly immortal races like the EldarI and others of that nature due to the disconnection with the lifestream and hence beyond the ability to directly manipulate for the Elder God) and eventually the civil war in which he used as an excuse to execute all dissent and corrupted the council turning them into the Celestial Angels. 

He has been so twisted and corrupted by the Elder God that he is merely but a vessel of his will, using all the powers that it can do and it's ability to alter time and space which he used many times to turn the tides of war and alter history for his dark master whom he so self-righteously follows.

Fallen Arch Angel Lucifer
Lucifer Angel of Divinity
Gabriel  Angel of Truth
         Raphael; Pre-Convention


        Post-Conversion (Israfil)

Raphael / Israfil Angel of Order
Malik Angel of Kings
Dumah Angel of Law (Formerly) Angel of Death (Currently)
Angelus Angel of Sanctuary
Jophiel Angel of Retribution 
Netzach Angel of Knowledge
Uriel Angel of Justice
Metatron Angel of Wisdom (Formerly) Angel of Fire (Currently)

Notable Angels
Image Name Brief Description
Zerachiel Angel of Valor
Ambriel Angel of Protection
Ariel Angel of Hope
Cassiel Angel of Fate
Kelthiel Angel of Strife 
Tariel Angel of Life (Currently a Dark Angel)
Gadreel Angel of God
Sophiel Angel of Guidence
Zaapiel / Zophiel Angel of Night
Wormwood Angel of Entropy
Abathar Angel of Souls