Gabriel, the perfect Hybrid, the Ultimate weapon of Retribution and Revenge

Gabriel Venarth


1,420,200 (Date he became a Dark Angel/Arch-Angel Hybrid) Through his ability to time travel and appearing in different timelines it is impossible to determine his true age>


168 cm1.68 m 5.512 ft 66.142 in


52.2 kg


  • Arch-Angel (Pre-fuse)
  • Dark-Angel and Arch-Angel Hybrid (Post-fuse)


  • Arch-Angel Council (Pre-fuse)
  • Arch-Angel Champion (Pre-fuse)
  • Exile (Post-fuse)
  • Dark Avenger <Post-fuse>


  • Angelus house (Before Massacre)
  • Arch Angel Council (Pre-fuse)
  • The Unspoken (Pre-fuse)
  • Dark Tariel (Post-fuse)


  • The Unspoken (Pre-fuse)
  • Dark Tariel (Post-fuse)


  • Angelus (Mother)
  • Varian (Brother)
  • Abaddon (Father)

Weaponry and Items

  • Defiance (Blackstar sword)
  • The 6 Blackstar Children (Angels created with Blackstar Crystals controlled by Gabriel, all channeling a seperate set of abilities)
  • Varians Cross (Necklace that protects him from Michaels Sword)

Gabriel Venarth is a main character in the RP. He was originally introduced as a protagonist of Angel-kind. As the series progressed, he became an antagonist, culminating in his association with Dark Tariel, becoming one of the most dynamic characters in the series. Gabriel is currently an Exile of the Arch-Angels however due to his fusion of Dark Angel and Arch-Angel it became impossible to sever his connection to the Light. Gabriel is a powerful Half-beed Angeline being, his birth race was originally Arch-Angel however through Dark Tariel he was turned into part Dark Angel. He is Immortal and grew up in Heaven for 8 years during the First war in Heaven.


During the Purge of his mothers temple, he became the last remaining of his bloodline other than his brother Varian whome he sworre vengeance on for most of his life. He believed his brother responsible for his familys death, Varian was a powerful Arch-Angel who took the responsibility for the purge of the temple in order to protect the Arch-Angels in persecution and so that a civil war would not be sparked in Heaven during the wars with Luficer. He became one of the head Arch-Angels and a powerful soldier excelling past any other Angel, all to seek vengeance on his brother.

He Remained in Heaven till he learned of his brothers where-abouts, this duel became the pinacle fight that changed his life, after this fight Dark Tariel confronted Gabriel and told him the secret of Heaven, including the Elder God controling free will, in emotional pain of killing his own brother who only protected him he accepted Dark Tariels help to destroy Heaven itself however being in control of the Elder God after offering himself to the Worship of The Unspoken he could not take vengeance. To stop this control that the Elder God had over Gabriel, Dark Tariel fused Dark Angel essence within him, giving him free will and both powers of an Arch-Angel and Dark Angels alike. He was even able to awaken both Arch-Angel sight and Dark Angel sight simultaniously due to his brothers death still fresh in his mind, from then on he swore to gain control of his new vast power and destroy Heaven itself.