Dark Angels

Dark Angels,Symbols of Defiance, martyrs of free will. Standing on high on Daemos, the planet of the black diamonds.

Dark Angels


  • Hell <Originally>,
  • Daemos,
  • Daemos in Reality Lock


  • Enochian <Angel Language>,
  • Vespite <Demon Language>,
  • Vespillion <Dark Angel adapted Language>


Humanoid, Tall, Pale skin, Black wings, black eyes with red rings and appear like 16-30 year old beings and mostly Black or white hair however have a diverse spectrum of hair colours.


  • Evasi: The common Dark Angel,
  • Metriach: Dark Angels that are chosen at birth to Age by absorbing the Time Vortex, they act as prophets, scholars, magi and specialist warriors and stop aging at 50,
  • Epsilar: Horned Dark Angels.

Famous Members:

  • Tariel Infinatum
  • Arthas Varkharf
  • Pandora Anesidora
  • Omega
  • Gabriel Venarth <Half Dark Angel due to fusion>
  • Kel Thalanar: he became a fusion of many things, one of them was Dark Angel
  • Azrael Redimere <Son of Arthas>

Dark Angels are a race of black winged supernatural beings created by Lucifer to be weapons of true Free Will against the Elder God known as The Unspoken. They are beings not capable of being turned

Demon or Angel and never truely dying. They lived on the planet Daemos named so after the origins of the creation, the Planet has rock of black diamond known as Blackstar to them which is a mysterious rock only found in points of great Cosmic collapse, the mineral is what the Dark Angels use to craft weapons using knowledge that only Dark Angels know, as it is a reality distorting mineral of great power, the planets presence in the region creates a fluxing rift in time and space which is spectacular to behold known as the Infinatum Cascade (later found out to be named after Tariel himself). The first of this race was known as the Progenator, his name was Tariel and is sadly is also the last of the pure Dark Angels, The Dark Angel Race was sealed for eternity in the unbreakable Eternity Lock, the survivors were hunted down by Kel...

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Dark Angels were a proud and Intelligant immortal species of humanoids that we created in Hell, they lived there for an unknown time before they found Daemos, the area where Tariel pierced into the mortal realm that manifested into a supermassive concentration of Blackstar that warped space and time, opening many untempered holes in Time. The first 1000 Dark Angels were drawn to it for its amazing power and space-time distortions and wished to study it, hence generations continued to be born with a need for study and knowledge.Dark Angels had a larger than average number of individuals with potential to use the Reality distortion abilities in their species, so high in fact that the entire species was considered strongly Magic sensitive, The abundant Magic-sensitivity resulted from a symbiotic relationship with Daemos's Magical forces itself and many powers derived sustenance directly from the Planet itself. At the beginning of the creation, they were given Free Will and are one of the few races immune to Elder Gods influence. Dark Angels still have demonic dna within them meaning that they are vulnerable to unleashing a dangerous state of being called Demonic Rage.

Adult Dark Angels characteristically had skin with Paler skin, although infants of the species appeared almost "Glowing", pale skin. However, even though typically a Pale human skin, some members of the species retained more hum
Crecent Moon warpstone tatoo pattern

Dark Angel with Full Body Warp-Moon tattoo pattern.

an skin tones in adulthood. Dark Angels resemble young males and females of Human society and all are described as beautiful and graceful in image as they were all derived from Tariels essence, Tariel was considered one of the 7 beauties of Heavan when he was a normal Angel. Many Dark Angels carve themselves Tattoos using Blackstar, the symbols they place upon themselves do many physical and mental things to the user depending on the symbols used, it is a common thing to see this on more males than females as the males of the race do not hide them, females hide them with different types of Magic or even just perception filters.

Matriach's are Chosen at birth to bare an older looking visage, where Dark Angels stop visually growing by 16, Matriachs keep going till they are 50, this process is done through constantly staring into the Time Vortex and absorbing it on a daily basis, giving up beauty for knowledge and understanding, though all Dark Angels are Taught at the Academy, the Matriachs continue onto a life of learning in the Chamber of Serenity, making them appear frail and older than most others of the race. Specialists sometimes get a specific age to grow up to till they are told otherwise to begin another form of training, Arthas is a Matriach an reached the age of 35 then began his training as a Inata-Warrior caste.

Some Dark Angels
Ever defiant Warriors

Irazu (warrior caste) Epsilar Dark Angel jumping into hand to hand combat

are born with horns named Espilar, this happens when the Demon dna mixture is stronger than the Angel compisiton by a small fraction, the perfect gene sequence keeps the Dark Angel more or less a Dark Angel and protected from attacks of a biological nature, however they grow to be more aggressive an emotionally impulsive than other Dark Angels, these Dark Angels ussually pick to be warriors and are effective face to face fighters, they do not lack the brain capacity of other Dark Angels but they do choose to lessen the persuit of knowledge in the persuit of fun and fighting, ussually being the cocky renegades of Dark Angel society, they are still treated as equals of Dark Angels but it isn't uncommon to see a n Espilar in trouble or have a criminal record. it is uncommon for Espilar to be on intellectual persuits but it doesnt mean they arent crafty and ingenious, Espilar in intellectual measurement in comparrison to Humans is still far greater than the strongest and sharpest human mind. Epsilar can also enter into a Demonic rage quicker and more often than normal.

Dark Angel Females tend to have an Assertive place in society, many study in magical paths. Very few females take on the responsibility of a Metriach, it is unknown why this is as Dark Angels have little concept for Vanity. Females of the race however have a far more adept at being Social, while males are very serious and have many contemplations about themselves, this may be because far more males are warriors in the Dark Angels society while Females have a stronger magical role, this is not a rule of any sort of sexist agenda, rather it is personal sexes preferences, it is still an acceptable thing to have female warriors and female Metriach. Females go through a painless birthing experiance and have a strong connection to the child, far beyond humans... they feel a spiritual link with the child that is with them forever, knowing exactly what the child needs, if the child dies the female can go into such shock that it kills her. Males share a very strong bond with the brotherly connections and see everyone as a part of the family, when it comes to children the eldest of the Dark Angels seem to be the most caring, hating when children cry to even go as far as taking the child on as a son/daughter even if not blood related. Females are more possessive and selective, through closer bonds developed over time, and old expression to explain this is, "Nothing more picky than a Black WInged Lady".

Dark Arch-Angels, Awakening of the Eyes.Edit

"When the fires of Hell have burned to the core,
Avrigus- Dark Angels Ascension

Avrigus- Dark Angels Ascension

Song by Avrigus reciting the Dark Arch-Angel poem.

And evil deads are done no more,
Then the Earth shall heave with a mighty roar,

As angles of death to Heaven shall soar.

Great shadows shall fall as one by one
Dark angels wings eclipse the sun.

Salvaging truth
from the wake of their lies,
Stealing their thunder
from the gods and the wise.

All hail! All hail!
As dark archangels rise."

-Poem about Dark Arch-Angels, the Ascension and march to war sang.

God Eye (corrupt)

Tariels Awakened eyes.

All Dark Angels have the ability to awaken a special form of perception however it only awakens at a point of great pain and anguish, during wars the increase of this special form of perception becomes more frequent due to losses and horrors of war itself. This awakening is a very spectacular even, that sends shockwaves througout the Universe, Dark Angels everywhere know when someone has awakened themselves to the new perception of reality. The Awakening changes the eyes of the Dark Angel into black with red rings around the centre, these eyes unlock abilities in the beings possessing so powerful that no Dark Angel has unlocked all of its secrets to date. Those who Ascend are known as Dark Arch-Angels, they are ussually the ones in war time to directly attack heaven, the greatest weapons of the Dark Angels forces, when these eyes are awaken they have a far greater need to test themselves, and to unlock the secrets of the world than other Dark Angels. When Arch-Angels fly to battle the Angels and Humans who witness the flight of Arch-Angels name them the Angels of Death. A poem was written about not only the transformation, but the march to war of Dark Arch-Angels.

  • When fires of Hell have burned to the core in reference to Lucifers Capture,
  • Evil deeds done no more in reference to the War ending,
  • The Earth shall heave with a mighty roar is in reference to the 9 Circle Seals being broken open above Earth.
  • Angels of Death to Heaven Soar in reference to Dark Arch-Angels heading to the Heaven itself to wage war.
  • Great Shadows fall one by one is reference to the angels falling to the might of Dark Angels.
  • Dark Angels wings eclipse the sun is in reference to the battle over earth in the breaking of the 9 Circl Seals.
  • Salvaging the Truth is in reference to Dark Angels need to find the truth about The Unspoken,
  • From the wake of their lies is in reference to The Arch-Angels true master The Unspoken lying about Devinity.
  • Stealing their thunder from the gods and the wise is in reference to the defiance of the Arch-Angels and The Unspoken, thwarting the Elder Gods plans over and over.
  • All Hail All Hail as Dark Arch-angels rise in reference to the awakening of the Dark Arch-angels

The moment in which a Dark Angel feels the great sorrow that awakens the eyes of the Dark Arch-angel eyes has a name among the Dark Angels. Momentum Dolorem or simply Dolorem, it is solemnly discussed due to the saddening nature that a Dark Angel must go through to achieve it. It is probably the closest secret that a Dark Angel can keep, if asked what the Dark Angels Momentum Dolorem is,it can result in strong emotional reactions or even simply a silence of solitude, however never an answer will be given. The only known instances that anyone has known about a Momentum Dolorem is to close lovers but even this is rare. It is possible to suffer from multiple Momentum Dolorem, this can leave a Dark Angel who is not strong in will to a long depression in which many never leave, the physical effects of a second Momentum Dolorem are small at the glance but inherantly more significant when examined, The Dark Angel might develop a split morality or even a complete change in nature, the power of this individul increases as well and the Dark Angel will gain an ability to manipulate Blackstar itself, those who suffer more than 5 Momentum Dolorem never survive apart form one instance, Tariel Infinatum himself. Through having 5 Momentum Dolorem he as able to weild powers that haven't been fully explored, what has been verified is that he can transform into an essence of pure Dark and Light, his split personalities have actually torn apart from each other and created a Dark Entity known as Dark Tariel.


Dark Angels were created through a very complex and difficult process that involved certain circumstances, interbreeding was possible for Dark Angels but the result isn't as dramatic as initially believed, the Dark Angels offspring with another race 99.5% turns out to be visually and even in biological standards, have no traces of Dark Angel other than facially resembling a mixture of both DNA contributers. These beings turn out this way because the Dark Angels DNA is locked in overly complicated DNA sequence protection put in place by Lucifer at the creation of Tariel to protect from most forms of Biological altering attacks. The 0.5% that are born as a Dark Angel need to be taken to Daemos for DNA recertification so that they become pure Dark Angels in order to protect the races biological info as a whole, this process is regretably painful and lasts a whole year, once this process is complete the child will sometimes lose the ability to feel things till a later age and after 9 years od life they begin life at the academy as any normal Dark Angel. Dark Angel Hierarchy rejects crossbreeding in an effort of protection however one time in Dark Angel history, angels captured a pre-transformed half-breed and used its code to create a super bio-weapon that prevents Dark Angels to breed at all and develop a bloodlust and animosity. This process did however create the Vampire race as they too are technically hybrids of Dark Angels which developed through Tariels first mortal love in the womb when the super bio-weapon was activated, causing the Dark Angel hybrid growing inside her to reject its wings and stunt its evolution, however obtaining the new attribute for bloodlust, never aging past 16 (infected individuals simply stop aging however born Vampires go through the same cycle as Dark Angels), pale skin, Free will, reality bendings abilities and an attunement for magic.


Gabriel the perfect hybrid

abriel became a Hybrid of an Arch-Angel and Dark Angel by a perfect fuse created by Dark Tariel at some point, making Gabriel have free will and also the connection to Arch-Angel power source, this also gave him the ability to see between worlds, even seeing The Elder God himself, the fuse made Gabriel very powerful but unstable and gradually dying with every use of reality bending abilities.Physically he is split down the middle with a white wings and a black wing, when using his reality bending abilities his eye match with pure black and pure white and his hair. Kel inplanted and fused many things into himself, even some Dark Angel eyes into his arm, an Elder God eye into his right eye and Black and White feathered wings. He also was part demon giving him borns and blood made of liquid that burns any individual. He found a counter balance between all the fuses to be able to sustain himself, as long as he does not use too much of each power, weakening those cells. If he does then
Romantic wing black white by thy darkest hour-d4u9ukj

Kels Wings

the fusion becomes rejecting and he will be forced to amputate the fused limb in question. This made it hard for him to take risks in combar and also ultimately was his downfall, the mix of so much experiments made him a danger to himself. It was a miracle that he was even able to exsist as the power should have completely obliterate him from the inside however found out later that Paradox kept him alive from the inside through Paradox's amazing power.

To Dark Angels, Fusions look and feel wrong, like they were not meant to be, ussually they repel the idea and repel those who are fused because of gut instinct rather than personal hatred and dislike.


Common misconceptions of lesser races unrespectively name many beings Dark Angels:

Fallen Arch Angel Lucifer

The Fallen Arch-Angel Lucifer

Fallen Angels: Angels who have the Angellic light taken from them and exiled. (Lucifer is a Fallen Arch-Angel), it is the miconception of the light taken away from Angels that give them a darker, more grey like wings and pale skin that make people believe they are Dark Angels, however they lack alot of power that Angels have as they are severed from the Angellic light, many being turned mortal in the process or given a long but finite lifespan. Dark Angels were named branded to them by Angels as a way of saying that they are no better than the Dark Angels that they so fought in times of war. Since relations between Dark Angels and Angels are poor because of the choice to disobey the Unspoken, Fallen are seen as the same to Angels eyes. Angels can repent there ways and regain the Angellic Light however, making them not officially a race, only a state of being brought upon by exile.

Azazel unconquered wallpaper by luffie-d4tgd0b

Demon Angel: Azazel

Demon Angels: Faux Dark Angels created to replace the now lost Dark Angel race, they resemble Dark Angels in many ways however have Bat like wings rather than feathers and are more ferocious. The ussually have reality warping powers to some degree however they are bound by the laws of hell magic, the Progenator of this race was Azazel, he was once the Angel who people fear as the Angel of war, his race inheritaed this trait from him and they are forever consumed with not just hate for the Angels but hate for any race they deem weak.

Demon angel

Vampire evolved with wings

Vampires: Some Vampires actually evolve wings as a distant remnant of the Dark Angel essence they all carry, however they are mutated and strained, Demon/Angel/Human Dna in an imbalance with each other will always cause the wings to be batlike in nature. Vampires who live to become of a powerful enough to warp reality ussually get wings like these however it is not always a certainty as this is but a mutation created by the Super-bio-weapon intended to afflict Dark Angel cells. Kain was one of the most powerful Vampires of all time, he was one of the legendary 3 people to achieve the sacred ability people call the White Smoke. The White smoke is a reality bending incantation that allows the user to trancend from physical form to an ethereal state that allows the user to pass through to different planes of exsistance with ease. It seems a current pattern that only the oldest and most powerful get these wings however all of the legendary 3 did not. It is a common sign that those that achieve the wings become greater than its Kin and chosen to lead. Sometimes Vampire lords who did not recieve the winged gift would hunt down those with the wings and execute them to secure rulership or even out of fear.

Society and cultureEdit


"The Dark Angels had strictly defined castes […] There was no transitioning from one to the other. Although specialist caste may be created to include two caste practises like our Lord Presidents caste, all followed one path after the initation into the Academy. Some are even chosen at birth to follow that which the soul called for, i for once was called to be Matriach..... Later accelling to the post of High Matriach"
― High Matriach's note on Society

Though they were in an almost constant state of war, their civilization was quite sophisticated; they believed that knowledge was the best weapon to fight in wars and never gave up the highly perfected practises and Cast structures. Depending on the sect of Society, most are very social and always thinking outward with others in there kind, though had little desire for lustful actions in many cases, horned Dark Angels are shown to be more aggressive and lustful by nature but not more so that a human can be. This nature that sexual desires come before the persuit of knowledge led to Dark Angels to be a very small commune that stayed in close quarters to the home planet, The population of Daemos by the end of the Third War in Heavan was believed to be but 50 Million, though that seems like a high number, in the scale of the planet itself and in comparrison to say a race like Humans which measured at 10 Billion by the end of the Third War in Heavan and Elves at 15 Billion across the galaxy. However Dark Angels did love romance, many books and novels written by Dark Angels have romantic tendancies, sex was but a spritual and enjoyable thing for both lovers to share in special occasions to make the experiance more enjoyable, Dark Angels were very passionate beings who loved Art and beauty of the universe, marvelling at its wonder and always sought more things to explore and experiance, this resulted in many pilgrimages to other worlds by Dark Angels where they would return at a later date to write stories and share secrets with other Dark Angels

Native Dark Angels spoke Vespillion which is a language developed so that no race can translate but only through study can be learned by Dark Angels and using their special eyes and perception of reality, only Dark Angels true in blood can read. This was because of war issues of intel leaks, eventually grow to become the Language of the Dark Angel themselves, the name of the language came from the Demons Language name called Vespite. At the Academy Dark Angels learn to speak Enochian and Vespite, any other race Languages can be translated through the Dark Angels perception of reality, allowing them to speak any Language without learning it prior.

Mystical geniuses

Apiring Young Metriach after absorbing the Time-Vortex wearing casual Dark Angel clothes

Dark Angel clothing in traditional fashion was to not wear a shirt, this was due to the fact that Dark Angels had no sense of insecurity and little sense of Vanity, the air of Daemos was cooling and refreshing on the skin due to fluxating space around them, creating winds that trickle off the skin. If clothing were to be worn it would be in the form of robes, hoods and capes, Dark Angel love the cold and hate sunlight, it was previously not a harmful thing to them however was just an irritating feeling on the skin of the sensitive Dark Angels. After the Super Bio Weapon, Dark Angels lost many feelings, some not feeling pain at all and worst of all, the weakest Dark Angel could actually be repelled from sunlight due to the side-effect of increased burning skin (this was to be used by the Angels who used light weapons). Dark Angels in different Castes have different clothing too, many warrior castes wore some pieces of armour more for the intimidation factor rather than defence, in the Case of the Arthas Varkharf the Lord President, he wore Armour that impowered him to have mortal influence over large battlefeilds and gave him protection from almost all weaponry. Jewlery came in a form of many different spectacular gems, the gems themselves ussually gave a magical property to the user ans Dark Angels did not feel the need to wear Vanity items for fun, the most precious gem they could bare was the Blackstar Diamonds.

Blackstar Diamonds are the belloved make-up of the planet Daemos itself, where Earth has rocks the planet Daemos has Blackstar, it is a substance cherished by Dark Angel Society, in reality they are solid "clots" in the fabric of Time-space, distorting all reality around it. It is Forbidden in Dark Angel society to take Blackstar Diamonds from the planet itself without clearance, the whole planet is covered in a detection
Angel warrior scythe

Dark Angel with a scythe Inspired by Tariels mythical scythe

feild that measures the Planets make-up, if the percentage goes below 100% they find the where the missing field is and inprison the person who took the Blackstar from the planet. Blackstar is a VERY hard substance to harvest, it requires a supremely complex and power straining ritual with the power of a super massive supernova explosion encased around the selected fragment and requires perfectly equal strain on the Blackstar through distorting time and space so much that the explosions split the time and space around the Blackstar, not cutting the Blackstar but cutting the reality around it to even take enough Blackstone to form a coin. This is why strict rules like taking from the planet are easy to moniter from "accidents" . The substance itself is believed to be indestructable, only through bending space and causing supermassive supernova force at weakpoints in space can they be harvested. The biggest fragment taken from the planet was in the form of Tariels Scythe, it was event compressed down to look like a normal Scythe however was once a Mountain on the planet. It was created to be the most powerful weapon in exsistance, holding phenominal ammounts of power previously though off the scale. Dark Angels do not worship this relic as they do not believe in bowing in the face of extreme power, however do respect and marvel at its magnificant power.

Education is done as a compulsary part of Dark Angel lives, every Dark Angel gets inducted into the Academy at the age of 8, the induction process starts off with the child taken from the family to stare into eternity through a Timespace gap, this tradition was passed down to Timelord successors when Dark Angels became locked within the reality lock. Once this process is complete the child then chooses what to learn through what called to him within the Time-gap and study there for 100 years then enroll into a certain Caste.

Lord President of the Dark Angels

Lord President Arthas Varkharf at the Battle of Inferno

Religion is rejected on the Dark Angel world, they do not believe in Worship or submittance to a higher power, rather they have a belief that free will is the thing that is worth dying for. Wars were wages to protect races in subjugation, Dark Angels even created a Prison world to hold "Would-be Universal Overlords". Dark Angels also hold a strong connection to the time-stream and seek to protect it from anyone who wishes to change history or sets in motion the events of a Paradox in time that cancels out a certain chain of events. Dark Angels even travelled to different dimensions and became protecters and watchers of races that arent even a part of the home Universe. Although they do not worship, they do marvel at powerful and strong individuals, not proclaiming godhood of these beings but respecting the power they hold, Tariel is one of these people often written about and marvelled like a Celebrity (and later a menace) to Dark Angels. Lord President role holds a respectful Aura as well, Lord Presidents role was to serve the Dark Angel race not the other way around, doing what is best for the race itself. However when the Dark Angel did become more and more corrupt with there own power at the end of the Third and Final war of Heavan, later Proclaiming themselves as Gods, after finding a way to contact and bring Paradox into the Universe once more, Dark Angels were corrupted and chose Paradox to be Lord President, the role however changed so that the Lord President became controller of the Dark Angels and to be Worshipped like a God. Many choose to remember the Dark Angels in their prime, before the war changed them into beings who only wanted Victory at any cost.


The Dark Angel society was very hierarchical, utilizing both a rigid caste system and a stratified rank structure to put its subjects in their proper place. Due to how long Dark Angel society has separated the Dark Angel Castes into castes, each caste is sometimes referred to as a sub-species of Dark Angel.

The following were notable castes present amongst the Dark Angels:

  • Givana Caste : Dark Angel forgers were the lowliest caste in Dark Angel hierarchy. Dark Angel forgers are beings who specifically work with creating and forging structures using magical means, creating great cities and ships, studying the Art of Creation in the Academy.
  • Zanshei Caste : Dark Angels who study the Blackstar and its abilities, not only that study how to harvest it and shaping it, they are the ones who create the weaponry and magical tools for the Dark Angel society and study The Art of Distortion in Academy.
  • Irazu Caste : Dark Angel warriors, ussually these warriors are from the sub-species known as Epsilar, they study all forms of combat with physical prowess however tran themselves in some magical abilities to help enhance close quarters performance. They master ranged and close combat yet somewhat reject advanced magic. They study the Art of Conflict in the Academy.
  • Magnis Caste: Masters of magic, studying the infinite complexity of the imagination and formulate new spells, enchantments and more, the Magnis Caste were the creators of Edalis Tansek (True Reanimation) and millions of different spells in the galaxy, studying forms of Mana and creation of Mana and all things to do with Magic. They study The Art of Magi in the Academy
  • Metriach Caste : The Metrach fills many rolls, they are chosen at birth through soul-reading to be chosen as a Metriach, they are the Keepers of Knowledge, filling the roles of head mages, diplomats, scientists and all superior intellectual roles, they become Metriachs by daily beholdance and absorbance of the Time-gap which ages them more and more, each Patriach only allows themselves to grow as old as 50, all Patriachs are bound by an independant council known as the Hall of Serenity and ussually live there as the Ultimate seekers of Knowledge, Lord presidency can only be held by those who are Matriach due to the wisdom they hold, they study Magic like the Magnis Caste and also Zenshei and Giavana caste teachings on the side but primarily Studying the Art of the Infinite in the Academy.
  • Specialist Castes: Specialist Castes are castes that are not specifically listed as they are secret roles or exclusive roles which people are selected to follow. Arthas Varkharf is the Lord President of Dark Angels in the Second War of Heaven and his caste was the Specialist Caste known as Inata or Inata-warrior which is a person who became a Matriach then chosen to follow the path of Irazu, this made Arthas eligable for Lord Presidency as he still learned Metriach caste Arts.

Technology and Planet Daemos.Edit

"oooh..... the Dark Angels were all geniuses.... wise and above all, had no boundries... They could create Black holes the size of your solar system and stand above it like lords of space and time... when they were in there golden era.... smashing through to alternate dimensions which is impossible, they had cities of a collosal scale that protruded from the Planet Daemos like swords piercing the heavans... travelling through space and time, creating and maintaining life itself... if there is gods... we were on the same footing...."
― Omega remembering Daemos in its prime.
Planet of the Dark Angels

Daemos, the planet of the Dark Angels. The shining world of black crystals

Dark Angel's were masters of time and space, creating technology far beyond the rest of the Universe, before many even learned to walk. Due to the nature of the creation they had already powerful connections with the Magical essence known as the Warp. The Warp is the psychic realm where Magic derives, if the Warp did not exsist then life could not have souls and hence could not be connected to the Source. Using this knowledge they could create complex conditioning magic which will prove to be a very useful asset in the growth of not only the Planet Daemos but the rise of the technological marvels of the Dark Angels. When Tariel smashed through to the plain of mortals, the rift that was created occumulated to such a level that a clot in space and time was created at the breach, filling the gap between plains of exsistance. This clot was known as Blackstar, the clot grew to incredible sizes, it is said that the planets size is almost equal to Sol's Jupiter. The area around the planet itself was a distorted rift in time and space which changed the reality around it constantly, giving the area an aura of magnificant beauty, it played hell with anything trying to find it as it would turn up as a "Radar Blackspot", This distortion in time and space came to be known as th
The Infinatum Cascade

The Infinatum Cascade, the reality rift around the planet Daemos.

e Infinatum Cascade, so named after its creator Tariel Infinatum. The Gravity created by the super dense mass of the Blackstar concentration made it impossible to live on until two Dark Angels named Omega and Pandora formed a magical society, the society decided to look into ways in which they can use this as a home footing into the Mortal realm, using 100 Billion magical binds they were able to create a self gravitational damper field around the planet which is powered by the planets very essence itself. When Omega first set foot on the planet he found gaps in space and time all over the planet, where a person can look into the Time Vortex and see eternity, through constant study he became the first Metriach, using his knowledge he established the Academy on the planet. More and more people came and learned from him and all became inspired after looking into the Vortex. Tariel was invited to teach at the Academy with Omega as he also had knowledge on a grand level after absorbing the Source at his conception. Slowly the system was created where everyone was creating and inventing new ways to do things, faster than any mortal race.
Citadel of the Dark Angel Race

The Crucible being Assualted above the Citadel of the Dark Angels. In Daemos's atmosphere.

They developed self sustaining cities, space travel, Time and relative dimension travel, all to find the secrets that Dark Angels are born with an urge to answer. Though technologically brilliant they never gave up on magical persuits, they sometimes enhanced spells and magic with technology. They used the powers they learned to make Daemos a vibrant planet abundant in life. The biological science of Daemos was advanced, they were able to create creatures to live on the planet and an eco system as complex as the planet Earths, the whole planet itself was created by its inhabitants, shaped by the awesome technology that the Dark Angels had concieved. The planets situatoins above the Highest Galaxy and its abundance in reality bending spacial irritations made it perfect for testing super massive experiments away from mortal harm. However this is not always the case, one point in his life Omega went mad through knowledge and created a super massive device that was actually capable of destroying matter in every form by removin
Citadels distructive power

The Crucible Destroyed

g the electrical field around the Atoms, in a plan to use it so that it would spred throughout time and space using the power of the Infinatum Cascade and the Time-Vortex's located around it he waged a civil war. The Device was situated above the planet however using incredible force, Tariel,Arthas and even Heavans Arch-Angels put aside quarrels and assaulted his device known as Crucible. It was truely a device worthy of Dark Angel name due to its simple yet complex design. Through a valiant effort the Crucible was destroyed, however this was not the only time Dark Angels had the power to end the Universe with its technology.

During the end of the Third and Final War of Heavan, Dark Angels planned to use the Infinatum Cascade as a conduit to breach non-exsistance itself, and create a paradox so powerful that it rips apart the Time and Space Vortex with them in it. This was to be done by pulling the full form of Paradox from the reality lock, then using the superior technology of the Dark Angels, absorb enough power to empower all Dark Angels and ascend them into beings of conciousness alone free of physical form and realities laws and limitations, becoming effectively Gods. This however backfired as Tariel stopped his own race and sent them to live out eternity in the Reality Lock creating another *inversed Infinatum Cascade" and linking it to the Reality Lock and forcin the twin Cascade to replace itself as soon as it enters the Reality lock when the Dark Angels open it. Hence The Dark Angel homeworld got sucked into the Reality Lock through replacement of the twin Cascade. One Dark Angel was able to think of this counter plan, showing the Dark Angels brilliant minds. Through Destroying the Twin cascade, the original Infinatum Cascade had no link to through the Reality Lock, sealing them for suposidly forever.

The Black Crystals Obsidian

Deva with its asteroid belt of Blackstar that Tariel has collected.

Without the Infinatum Cascade in exsistance or a substitute, it is almost impossible to travel to other dimensions, however as Tariel still has his scythe, he is able to with great ammount of effort, alot of the science they discovered died with them entering the Reality Lock because alot of the science was powered by the planet and the powerful rift itself. Black star is a powerful reality bending stone with properties that cannot be duplicated or copied, making it a rare and almost impossible substance to created, the only blackstar substances that remain are in orbit around the dwarf planet called Deva, Tariel created it as a homebase ever since his planets Destruction. The blackstar substance is sought after by many, Tariel uses it to power many scientific and magical endevours, infact the planet itself is a second out of sync with the rest of reality, hiding in a pocket of time and space that only he can enter using the blackstar around his planet and synchronising it with his own scythe.

History: Born for War...Edit

First war of heaven

The Arch-Angel Angelus the Ascended vs Abbadon the World Eater

Lucifer created the Dark Angels as a means to win the war of Heaven, the war began as a front against the Elder God known as The Unspoken. The Unspoken manipulated the angels with them unknowing of its true form and motives to sacrifice free will and submit to his self proclaimed devinity, Lucifer refused this transaction and was named as a Fallen Angel (Even though he truely is one of the only remaining pure Angels and the only Arch-Angel to refuse the deal). Angels were the watchers of the mortal races, originally intended to look after the mechanations of reality and to keep the universe stable and free from corruption however with the Elder God's manipulation through Arch-Angel Michael turned them into simply servants blindly following faith that the Elder God has a higher plan. When Lucifer found out the secret to the Elder Gods true form he manipulated the lifestream so that it would split off from the Source and enter the souls of the dead who were best fit to be soldier to his realm (which is why it is a common misconception that only evil beings go to Hell). He changed the forms of these beings into Demons in an effort to give them free will so that they can fight against the Elder God, however the Angels could purify them with Swords made by the Elder God to purify once mortal races to Angel-kind. With the power of the mighty Arch-Angels, Lucifer was fighting a futile battle.

Lucifer however devised a plan, knowing that Angel blades cannot purify Angels however Angels can no longer become beings with free will. He manipulated the life of an Exiled Angel known as Sephireon whome lived on Earth to escape the choice of giving up his freewill, he was the Lightbringer however and was given sanction for his choice as he is regarde with Holy Glory since before the Elder God decided to latch onto the Universe, unlike Lucifer who was simply a head Arch-Angel. He chose this being to the father of his new creation as Lucifer is no longer connected to his Full Arch-Angelic powers after being branded a Fallen Angel, so the creation would be flawed. He also chose to go into Exile since the loss of his wife Lilith in the early moments of the War in Operation Hellfire, however little did he know that Lucifer meant for this to happen in order to change Lilith into a Arch-Demon, a form of Demon that is irreversable and also more powerful however can die with special means known as The Wrending. After choosing the now Demon known as Lilith who was formerly an Angel who was the love of Sephireon to go to earth and befriend this Exiled Angel and eventually they would both fall in love after remembering each other and give birth to a Child known as Tariel , so named by the Source in Prophecy Scrolls.

The Couple returned to Heaven remembering what happened, asking Angelus the Ascended (The mother of Gabriel) to protect the Child, after suspecting Lucifers hand being played (though not knowing the grand scale which this child plays). Sephireon went on to fight in the war in order to find out if Lucifer had plans. Lilith stayed in Hiding with Angelus in fear that if she is discovered then she would be destroyed. Angelus was also looking after the child they had before Sephireons Exile and was named Kel Thalanos (meaning Chosen Paradox) who was a pureblood Angel and he grew jelous of the Child after feeling abandoned by his Father and Mother then only to have them come back with a Child they chose to protect in secrecy. The boys
A Murderer in Heaven by WhiteRaven90

Angelus murdered by Kel, Kel assuming Fallen Angel status of the duration of the massacre of House Angelus

grew up Tariel was 17 and Kel was 25, both warriors in the war, however Kel noticed Tariels unnatural power was slowly getting greater than his own. Jelousy overwhelmed Kel, and the feeling of neglect led him straight to Lucifer. Lucifer offered to help Kel achieve greatness, he told the Angel Champion to inform Michael about Liliths demonhood and where she was hiding. With that act. Arch Angel Inquisitors came to Angelus's Temple and purified the Angels (Purification is the means of destroying an angels soul beyond repair), the only Survivors were the Oldest brother Arch-Angel Varian who was the eldest brother and the specialist who was chosen to take the blame for the massacre and go into exile under orders and Young Arch-Angel Gabriel who was but a 12 year old child at the time and left alive to become heir of Angelous when he grew of age and the youngest brother of Varian, he was originally intended to be killed as well but Varian pushed for it in order to protect his only surviving sibling. Kel was then turned into a Fallen Angel to prevent backtracing the murder to him and hence protect the council, after the massacre was over Kel was reinstated to Arch-Angel status and in records it doesn't appear anywhere that Kel himself slaughtered house Angelus, this was all done in order to sever all links with the massacre being ordered by the council. Angelus fell to Kel himself however the blame was to be put on Varian in order to make the operation seem like it wasn't anything to do with the Arch-Angel council and Lilith was taken to be destroyed via The Wrending.
Raw power of the source

The Raw Power of the Source surging into Tariels body.

At the same time Sephireon got wind of this by Lucifer himself and went to rescue, fighting hundreds of Angels at once before being struck down by Arch-Angel Michael through the Elder God himself assuming full control of Michael. Kel then followed Lucifers instructions and told Tariel about what happened by saying Angelus betrayed them and that he found a way to save them. He led Tariel to Lucifer, where Tariel was captured and his mind wiped yet his anger against the Angels remain, he then spent 7 days creating him into a Dark Angel then infusing him with the Raw power of the Source. He awoke on the 8th day as a Black winged Angel with eyes of black and red and markings on his body from where the Raw Source was coursing, Lucifer took him as a son, calling him Ira (Wrath) to symbolize the new wrath against heaven and the vengeance all Dark Angels will feel within them. Little did Lucifer know he created a being with the potential to be more powerful than any in exsistance, even greater than him or Michael. As soon as the transaction was complete, Kel requested the same but was met with betrayal of his own and was transformed to a Arch-Demon by means of staring into the Time Vortex and absorbing the essence of Abbadon at his first death (though later to be found out that it was infact a fraction of Paradox's power rather than Abbadon after witnessing Abbadons Ressurection), ever since he has heard drums in his head and whispers of an evil voice calling him to war . He became known as The Keeper who was incharge of the Forces of Hell as he knew Heavans forces and tactics, forced to serve, however he grew to enjoy his new found power, slowly going crazy not because of his form, but because of the Drumming and the Voice that for all his life now Torments him without end or remorse.

With Tariels success, from his essence more were created in his essence and struck back against the Angels, with incredible force. The creation of the Dark Angels created a large Concentration of Blackstar, the size of Sol's Jupiter which later became the homeworld of the Dark Angels and the Crystal itself a the weapon only the Dark Angels knew how to use, it was capable to many reality bending powers due to its unnatural properties. They were unstoppable until Arch-Angel Michael himself captured Lucifer and chained him in a prison surrounded in 9 Circle of binding that kept Lucifer subdued and concealed. Then through a loss of Moral yet a strong hold on loyalty, Demons surrendered and promised to remain in hell with the master. Through propaganda Dark Angels were fed, Dark Angels were given the choice to be "free" as long as they stayed to there own world, otherwise they would obliterate them with a fake weapon that was mentioned as the Crucible (It was a weapon supposidly that decimates anything that it targets, even Dark Angels, it was purely made up to make the Dark Angels fear genocide of its own race). Dark Angels accepted this as they had no real leader since Lucifers sealing. Arch-Angels even extended their own alliance with Tariel to become the Arch-Angel of Death as to keep relations with Dark Angels stable. Peace continued, both Angels and Dark Angels however did not trust each other... In the guts and hearts of the Dark Angels, they felt the presence of the Elder God after looking down on the fledgling races of the Universe and seeing them easily manipulated by a force that they did not see... soon many worked in secret to release Lucifer from his inprisonment, this led to the Second war of Heaven...

History: Awakening... (Incomplete)Edit

A million years of peace pa
Dark Angels Open the Seals over earth

Dark Angel Priestess Pandora opens the 9 seals over Earth and frees Lucifer

ssed and the Dark Angels watch over the Universe and witness its grief and all of its mortals drawn to a presence, a fate that they cannot control. They socialised with these beings and spred among the stars looking for the answer to what entity controlled them, many fell in love with mortals and many simply taught the mortals about the race of Dark Angels. They gave Humanity a number of spells that only Dark Angels knew how to use such as Edo Tensei, it wasn't until Tariel himself fell in love with a human named Vanessa Vancleif and made her with child that the Angels interviened and worked on a way to estrange Mortal races against Dark Angels they created a super-bio-weapon that changed the biology of the Dark Angels slightly, giving any being with Dark Angel essence sterility and bloodthirst, this was also passed onto Tariels son within the womb, mutating him into the first Vampire and killing his love Vanessa during labour. Furious, the Lord President, Arthas Varkharf (meaning Mighty Warrior-King) ordered the head priestess to find a way to awaken Lucifer, this action the Angels took to seperate them from mortal life led them to the conclusion that the Angels were hiding something and Lucifer knew what it was. The Head priestess Pandora uses the Scythe of Tariel known as the most powerful weapon to exsist to Open all 9 Cicle Seals at once, unleashing worldwide devastation. The Lord President Arthas ordered an instant attack force to anihalate any Angels that try to stop the opening and declares the treaty between Angels and Dark Angels null and void and the Demons rally beh
Angel Fight

Angels Fight to subdue a Dark Angel above the City

ind the former Dark Angel commanders. The Seal was very powerful however and the summoning took six hundred and sixty six days (Which became the number of the beast because it was called the number of days till the beast arrived however was shortened througout the ages). The battle over the City was constantly going on as the summoning continued and Angels began to win over human support by spouting devinity of their God and the Tyranny that would come if Satan ruled, winning the mortal races through propaganda to help fight the Demons so that Angels can work on fighting against Dark Angels. The only way that the Angels were able to deal with Dark Angel commanders was to seal them in similar seals to Lucifer and transporting them to Heaven for saftey. Dark Angels were called upon to war all over the Multiverse to the Alpha Universe (Our Universe), Tariel was also called to be the supreme Lord and Commander of the battle. At first Tariel declined as he had the overruling power to do so being the Progenitor, however he later joined into the conflict at the last 100 days of the summoning knowing that Arch-An
Momento Mori by mangapunksai

Michael with his mysterious sword, capable of destroying any and all beings of conciousness and form.

gel Michael would hear of his arrival and strive to stop the Dark Angel himself. Tariel challenged Michael to a duel which lasted exactly 100 days, it was said that in the end Tariel lost and was inprisoned in a 4 circle seal.

This however was proved wrong as Tariel was found later in hiding in Japan during the First Shogunate, working on experiments using samples of Michaels essence that he stole to work out what he was, the war was still going on at this time and Lucifer was freed right after Tariels defeat. Tariel planned for defeat as all he wanted was to obtain Michael essence and find out what the entity inside him was, he also taken damage from Michaels sword that is capable of destroying any being in order to make his own defences against it. Tariel was discovered in a different time however in the span of Earth Years he was not found until 500 years after his battle with Michael, where Angellic Inquisitors killed his wife at the time Sakura, this prompted him to join the war. This event awakened te personality within Tariel that was long dormant, the conflict between Light Tariel and Dark Tariel began. During the absence of Tariel, the Dark Angels followed Lucifers command however Lucifer did not inform the Dark Angels what it was they were fighting against as by this time Lucifer had become deranged and resentful, seeking not to destroy but to replace the Elder God as the master of all things, believing that if the Dark Angels were told, they could formulate a counter to the Elder Gods power to control all things, a power the Lucifer now seeks to take from the Elder God.

Tariel joined the war as an independant, fighting his own battle against the Angels for revenge rather than to liberate the universe from them, happily destroying them along side The Dark Angels and Demons, but destroying them if they got in his way. Arch-Angel Michael heard of Tariels blood Vandetta and revealed that he also took samples of Tariel in battle as he was the progenitor, though he could not replicate his own sword, he devised a weapon that Angels can use to kill and seal a Dark Angels soul within the blade embued with the power.

The Dark Angels fought for Lucifer near the end of the First war of Heaven, fought for Lucifer again in the Second war of Heavan half way through till splitting off and forming an independant faction taking there own free will, fighting for neither side, only sought to preserve the exsistance of itself and hence brought their own planet to the mortal realm of exsistance to escape the quarreling of the self proclaimed devines, acting as watcher and protecters of all mortal lives, and in the process freeing them from the cruel hand of fate. This soon started the third and last war of Heavan and fought as a whole seperate force on par with the forces of Heaven and Hell forces. After the 1 Billion year war... (To be continued)