Battle of Argus (Galactic Civil War)
Argus Defense Grid
Conflict Galactic Civil War

13:10:2M25 CE, Defense of Argus

End 04:08:2M27 CE, Siege of Xaxas
Location Argus, Eredar Sector

Phyrric Imperial Victory; Alliance Tactical Victory

  • Argus falls to the Second Galactic Empire
    • Death of Emperor Iso'rath Aeges
  • Dissolution of the Arkanis Imperial Republic
    • Establishment of the Amestrian Empire
  • One-fifth of the Imperial Military is Destroyed
  • One-eighth of the Alliance Coalition is Destroyed

Galactic Alliance Coalition Forces

  • Galactic Alliance 1st Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 2nd Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 4th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 7th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 8th Amrada
  • Galactic Alliance 19th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 11th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 14th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 15th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 19th Armada
  • Galactic Alliance 22nd Armada

Galactic Imperial Military

  • Imperial 5th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 7th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 8th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 11th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 17th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 18th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 19th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 23rd Grand Armada
  • Imperial 25th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 27th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 28th Grand Armada
  • Imperial 34th Grand Armada

Council of Moffs


Supreme Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo

  • Master General Daggoth Amestrius
    • General Rexxar Frenz
      • Colonel Varis Vorae
    • Wing Commander Randall Flint
  • Master General Chyler Flint
    • General Archeus Thanaton
      • High Commander Zelus Invidia
      • High Commander Ayla Senna
      • High Commander Tyri Azyure
    • Wing Commander Maginthius Darkisky
  • Master General Magna Med'an
    • General Kalec Azyure
  • Master General Iso'rath Aegis
  • Master General Cuul Obikahn
    • Wing Commander Tandred Proudmoore
  • Admiral Allison Abington
  • Master General Telemon Sokyr
  • Master General Nova Lentz

Supreme Commander Merric Ouhm

  • Surface Marshal Ariel Karys
    • General Maximillian Veers
  • Surface Marshal Terrence Jorel
    • General Marl Rupho
  • Surface Marshal Anea Hitts
    • General Josef Grunger
    • General Icé Gurlon
  • Grand Admiral Oswald Teshik
  • Grand Admiral Ian Daniel McCollin
  • Grand Admiral Han Phylus

Lord Moff Vicomte Aisiyen

  • High Moff Callum Abo
  • High Moff Jann Zerjerrid
    • Grand Moff Alana Hess
  • High Moff Devel Jerrock
  • High Moff Davik Kebal
  • High Moff Lodi Zudel
  • High Moff Dameen Volker
Total Strength

Ground Forces

  • 33,585,000,000 Soldiers

Air Forces

  • 2,867,800,000 Starfighters
  • 1,175,400,000 Bombers
  • 1,880,000,000 Intercepters

Naval Forces

  • 2 Orbital Starbases
  • 54 Orbital Defense Battlestations
  • 3000 Orbital Defense Platforms
  • 1 Galaxy-class Star Dreadnought
  • 130 Arkanis-class Supercarriers
  • 21,600 Venetia-class Battlecruisers
  • 324,000 Venator-class Carriers
  • 1,350,000 Spearhead-class Dreadnoughts
  • 2,500,000 Tolo II-class Cruisers
  • 2,350,000 Knight-class Support Cruisers

Ground Forces

  • 44,430,000,000 Soldiers

Air Forces

  • 4,890,000,000 Starfighters
  • 3,150,000,000 Bombers
  • 2,561,000,000 Interceptor

Ships of the Line

  • 200 Executor-class Super Star Dreadnoughts
  • 30,000 Imperial II-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 1,300,000 Imperial I-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 1,500,000 Victory-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 3,000,000 Strike-class Cruisers
Casualties and Losses

Ground Forces

  • ~28,000,000,000 Soldiers

Air Forces

  • 21,358,000,000 Starfighters
  • 8,663,000,000 Bombers
  • 11,112,000,000 Interceptors

Naval Forces

  • 2 Orbital Starbases
  • 53 Orbital Defense Battlestations
  • 2,996 Orbital Defense Platforms
  • 1 Galaxy-class Star Dreadnought
  • 66 Arkanis-class Supercarriers
  • 11,408 Venetia-class Battlecruisers
  • 310,388,000 Venator-class Star Carriers
  • 1,100,000 Spearhead-class Dreadnoughts
  • 2,130,000 Tolo II-class Cruisers
  • 1,890,000 Knight-class Support Cruisers

Ground Forces

  • ~39,000,000,000 Soldiers

Air Forces

  • 37,030,000,000 Starfighters
  • 30,501,000,000 Bombers
  • 22,936,000,000 Interceptors

Ships of the Line

  • 149 Executor-class Super Star Dreadnought
  • 27,200 Imperial II-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 1,300,000 Imperial I-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 1,443,000 Victory-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 2,737,000 Strike-class Cruisers


The Battle of Argus was the largest battle in the entire Galactic Civil War. Seeking to deeply wound the backbone of the Galactic Alliance, Imperial Commander Ouhm took one third of the entire Imperial Fleet to Argus; capital of the Arkanis Imperial Republic. It's extensive defenses made the massive planet practically uncapturable in the past. The failed invasion during the Caironex Campaign also proved that even the Empire's superior war machine stood no chance against it's impressive defense grid. It had no weakness and Ouhm knew as much as Daggoth did, the costs of a battle to take Argus would be enormous. The planet couldn't be taken by strategy or slightly superior weaponry, but only through raw attrition with a force large enough to weather the initial bombardment. The costly operation was pre-approved by Emperor Thoron in early 2M22.

Having observed the Hypervelocity Accelerator Cannons in action roughly ten years earlier, Ouhm took all of the now retired Imperial I-class Dreadnoughts to act as buffers for his fleet. With a few minor aesthetic changes, the Dreadnought's appearance mirrored the Imperial IIs. He believed that if the grid operators would be unable to tell which of his ships contained his forces, and with nearly a quarter of the Imperial Starfleet at his command, Ouhm set course for Argus.

Orbital DefenseEdit

Having long anticipated a battle at Argus, Daggoth never had himself or the 1st Armada more than an a few lightyears from the planet.