Aya de Crux
Kanji アヤ·デ核心
Romanji Aya de Crux
Race Advanced Human
Gender Female
Birthday March 3
Age 18
Height 159 cm (5'2" ft)
Hair Color Platnium Blonde
Eye Color Blood red
Blood Type O
Professional Status




Current Bounty

64,550,000 Qarr

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Orientation Heterosexual

Aya de Crux (アヤ·デ核心 Aya de Kakushin) is a teenage girl that grew up with the Cirque since the age of 5. And even though she appears to be a young sophisticated women, She is still a child at heart. Her real name is Maria St. Claude (マリア聖クロード Mariah sei Kurōdo).


Her hair is a natural Platnium blonde color with light waves that reach down to her thighs, Normally she dresses her hair up into two side pigtails letting it flow through the day while her bangs are simply brushed to the left. Her eyes are a Blood red color, they're wide with long eyelashes even without make up. She has a small beauty mark under her left eye and perfectly thin, clipped eyebrows. Aya has a soft, ivory skin tone with a piercing in each ear. Her body is thin but she has a good, athletic figure. She stands around 4'8'ft leaving her bust at a 25B and weighing 95lbs. Aya's wings are pure white.

Normally Aya wears a black laced mini dress with black high-heeled boots that stop just below her knees.


Bearing a naive facade, her persona does not beg to differ. Despite being at the age of 18, Aya adores what the majority would entitle “child-like things”, including sweets, nap-times, and fluffy stuffed animals (which she is often seen with one); she is inclined to bestow strangers anomalous nicknames which most do not welcome and tends to get fairly close to people who do not appreciate her existence. Though her personality is uncomplicated, little do people know that this is just a way to effortlessly mislead people, her perilous and iniquity side appearing when needs be. She enjoys seeing blood, really.

She dislikes bitter things, as she calls them the spawn of Satan; she also despises people who try too hard as she believes their efforts are futile.


  • Stalker - A very high-ranking assassin that has furthered developed their abilities by inventing or refining their own fighting style--weaponry and/or martial arts. Stalkers are skilled in, but not limited to marksmanship, various weapons and martial arts, assassination techniques, and the magical arts.





Additional infoEdit


  • In Aya's line of work there is only one other Stalker, Tsurugi Hibiki
  • Her Japanesse voice actor is Kayano, Ai.