Airam Campaign
Airam Campaign
Conflict Galactic Civil War (Dominance Offensive)
Date 04:01:2M13 CE - 12:01:2M16 CE

Airam Sector


Decisive Alliance Victory

  • Secession of Chiss Ascendancy
  • Death of Grand Admiral Senn
  • Destruction of Task Force Vengeance

Galactic Alliance Expeditionary Forces

  • Galactic Alliance 7th Armada

Imperial 2nd Starfleet

  • Task Force Vengeance

Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo

  • High Commander Rhonin Redheir
    • Commander Pollux Demaro
    • Commander Waenon Priorus †
    • Commander Aethas Sunreaver
    • Commander Anduin Flint
  • Wing Commander Maginthius Darksky
    • Admiral Tandred Proudmoore
      • Captain Preston Harper †
    • Admiral Justine Troenah
    • Admiral Rech'essu'nero
    • Admiral Adenis Roséi

Grand Admiral Warrick Senn

  • General Pakatti Grant †
    • Brigadier General Aran Sorrel †
    • Colonel Maximillian Veers
    • Colonel Josef Grunger
    • Lt. Colonel Garen Grant †
  • Fleet Admiral Nial Declann †
    • Admiral Tobias Boon †
    • Vice Admiral Oswald Teshik
    • Captain Firmius Piett
    • Lt. Commander Han Phylus

Galactic Alliance 7th Armada

  • 1 Arkanis-class Supercarrier
  • 600 Venetia-class Battlecruisers
  • 4800 Venator-class Star Carriers
  • 3000 Spearhead-class Dreadnoughts
  • 4400 Tolo II-class Cruisers
  • 2600 Tolo-class Cruisers
  • 2200 Knight-class Support Cruisers
  • 2800 Harken-class Escort Frigates
  • 1600 Nebulon-B2 Frigates
  • 5200 M12LR Corvettes
  • 2800 Escort Carriers
  • 1700 Cargo Ferries
  • 2400 WGTC Freighters

7th Fleet Total: 34,101 Vessels

Task Force Vengeance

  • 1 Executor-class Super Star Dreadnought
  • 9300 Imperial-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 6400 Victory-class Star Dreadnoughts
  • 1700 Immobilizer 418 Cruisers
  • 2200 Strike-class Cruisers
  • 3400 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigates
  • 3000 Nebulon-B2 Frigates
  • 2600 Escort Carriers
  • 3400 CR90 Corvettes
  • 4100 Assassin-class Corvettes
  • 900 BFF-1 Corvettes
  • 400 M/CRV's
  • 200 CRV's

Task Force Total: 37,601 Vessels

Casualties and Losses
  • 121 Venetia-class Battlecruisers
  • 210 Venator-class Star Carriers
  • 538 Spearhead-class Dreadnoughts
  • 1011 Tolo II-class Cruisers
  • 2346 Tolo-Class Cruisers
  • 1862 Knight-class Support Cruisers
  • 1205 Harken-class Escort Frigates
  • 840 Nebulon-B2 Frigates
  • 1,171 M12LR Corvettes
  • 691 Escort Carriers
  • 398 Cargo Ferries
  • 218 WGTC Freighters

7th Fleet Losses: 10,851 Vessels

  • 1 Executor-class Star Dreadnought

  • 9297 Imperial-class Star Dreadnoughts

  • 6385 Victory-class Star Dreadnoughts

  • 1662 Immobilizer 418 Cruisers

  • 2172 Strike-class Cruisers

  • 3388 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigates

  • 2952 Nebulon-B2 Frigates

  • 2434 Escort Carriers

  • 3312 CR90 Corvettes

  • 3986 Assassin-class Corvettes

  • 846 BFF-1 Corvettes

  • 392 M/CRV's

Task Force Losses: 37,145 Vessels

The Airam CampaignEdit

The Airam Campaign was a Galactic Alliance military campaign designed to win the support of the Airam sector that turned into a quest to destroy the Imperial Task Force Vengeance. The Imperial force had been sent to pacify the sector, as well as to destroy the Alliance shipyards established in the Nocto system. The campaign occurred at roughly the same time as the Sepan Campaign.

The Imperial Task Force Vengeance was formed to pacify the Airam sector, and prepare an assault on the home territories of the Bloodfallen Empire, the Alliance's main supply of elite troops. It was headed by the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Vengeance under Fleet Admiral Warrick Senn. The naval unit commenced operations at roughly the same time when the 7th Grand Armada, under the command of Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo (informally known as Thrawn), arrived and set up a new shipyard in the Endis system. These forces subsequently engaged in a long campaign for dominance over the Airam Sector.
Ninth Battle of Argus

The Battle of Argus

Admiral Senn, aboard the Star Dreadnought Vengeance, managed to push his fleet through Thrawn's apparently ill-prepared defenses, and made a hyperspace jump for Argus. Lord Protector Kain Rheines was well informed of his arrival beforehand, and mobilized the entirety of the Royal Guard to prepare for a full scale invasion. Fortunately, the Bloodfallen Master General, Daggoth Amestrius, had been recalled from the Sepan Campaign to report to the Emperor himself. Daggoth took command of his Avenger, while Rheines commanded both the Protector and the Vanguard.

The geosynchronized Argus Orbital Defense Grid also proved to be a significant force to be reckoned with. By receiving power from ground-based power plants, orbital platforms could achieve a recharge and reload rate as short as three minutes. Twelve hundred fully manned defense platforms, each armed with a magnetic accelerator cannon, two heavy ion batteries, and four hypervelocity cannons, stood ready for Senn's assault. The grid centered around the Destroyer-class defense station and three hundred Guardian-class battlestations. Breaking geosynchronous orbit, the Amani Battlecluster on the far side of the planet positioned themselves towards where Senn would be attacking from. With three Supercarriers unexpectedly on the defensive, Senn unexpectedly was forced to retreat immediately. He would need an entire fleet to destroy this defense grid. He moved his fleet away from the grid's attack range, and into Thrawn's own 7th Fleet, headed by his supercarrier, the Baron. Trapped between the 7th Fleet and the Argus Defense Grid, he was forced to try and fight his way out, to no avail. When Senn finally managed to plan an escape route through a hole in Thrawn's fleet, he had already lost one fifth of his Task Force. Retreating into Imperial space, Senn planned to regroup his forces and take out Thrawn's forces first. Unexpectedly, Thrawn immediately went on the offensive. Forcing Senn to retreat and regroup elsewhere, only to be pursued by the 7th Fleet. It was only when he retreated into Chiss Space that the attacks stopped.

Cole's Last Stand

Harper rams into the Vengeance.

After six month of unsuccessful raids on both sides, Captain Preston Harper took a sizable number of Thrawn's fleet, and set out for the Endis system, only to be met by the full force of Senn's fleet. As it looked like the Campaign was ready to turn in Senn's favor. Coordinating the remainder of his fleet, Harper focused all fire on the Vengeance's deflector shield generators. With the bridge unprotected, Senn ordered his flagship to retreat, focusing all of the ships turbolaser batteries on destroying incoming ships and debris. Harper ordered the crew of the Thunder, his M12LR Corvette, to abandon ship, and moved it into range of the Vengeance. He prepped the hyperdrive for a new vector, and rammed the Thunder into the primary command bridge of the Vengeance, killing Senn, and destroying the Super Star Dreadnought. Harper was posthumously promoted to Vice Admiral.

By the end the campaign, Task Force Vengeance had been dominated by intense and relentless counterattacks. Thrawn had completely outwitted him at every turn, and planned every hyperspace vector Senn had set. Task Force Vengeance failed to significantly harm the Alliance presence in the Airam sector, nor force the compliance of the Airam leaders. In fact, the Empire had lost significant ground and a good amount of it's elite naval crew. Lt. Commander Han Phylus would be retreating with less than five hundred ships intact, while well over two thirds of the 7th Armada was still intact. As a result, the Chiss Ascendancy seceeded from the Galactic Empire and merged with the Arkanis Imperial Republic. The Galactic Alliance military nearly doubled in size, and Arkanian territory dramatically increased as well. In an instant, what appeared to be hopeless pipe dream, was suddenly a feasible reality. The Galactic Alliance had absorbed one the Empire's major power bases, and was now able to fight against superior technology and numbers on an even level.